Need advice on missing package

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  1. I sold an item on Ebay via buy it now for over $2,000.00 to a buyer with great feedback for purchasing tons of similar items. They bought it within minutes of it hitting Ebay. The next day they said they would pay in a few days, but when 7 days passed and they didn't respond to my messages, I filed a NPB adding a note that I would be happy to complete the transaction if they still wanted the item. Sometimes people get busy and forget about things, right?! To my surprise, they actually paid and the case was closed. I sent the item out the same day via USPS Express Mail insured. The next day it arrived at the unit, but didn't go out for delivery like it was guaranteed to. The next day it was finally sorted and went out for delivery. After that it just read "delivery status not updated". It has said that for the past six days now. I contacted the post office repeatedly and they finally said they were not able to locate it. The buyer says they never received the item. Perhaps completely unrelated, the day I checked with them to see if they had by chance received the package and it just wasn't registering, they changed their feedback to private.

    I have never been in this situation and now I don't know what to do. USPS will eventually give me my money back if the item can't be located, but the woman said I would have to wait 30 days to even start the insurance claim. In the meantime I am sure the buyer will be refunded through Paypal. My only concern is that USPS will find some way to get out of paying me and I will be left without the bag or my if they try to claim the buyer did receive the bag and change the tracking retroactively long after the paypal payment has been reversed. I like to think the best of everyone, but it is possible the buyer did receive the package and is now hoping they might get the item and the money due to USPS's fault. Will they have to sign any sort of legal documents before I get reimbursed? Or what if the item is eventually found but is damaged because it spent weeks crushed under other packages, will they refund me? I feel so helpless here. Any advice, especially from someone who has dealt with a USPS refund, would be greatly appreciated.
  2. After thirty days if the item is still missing, you can indeed file a claim and USPS should refund your money with no issue. The fact that the item is untraceable and deemed lost by the PO means that you are fine.

    I really hope the package does turn up!
  3. I've also gotten that same message a few times when I've sent out packages but the buyers received them. That status eventually updated but it took a while. I'm willing to bet that the buyer got the package and is trying to take advantage of the situation. I hate to sound cynical but with that kind of money, I would not trust anyone. USPS will have to refund you if it is lost because you insured it and have signature confirmation. I would wait a few more days before doing anything to see if the tracking updates.
  4. Wow, I'm so sorry you're in this situation. That's really weird that they just changed their fb to private...:confused1:
    I don't really have any good advice, but one of the items I just sold is also getting the "delivery status not updated" message when I try to track it. Of course USPS wasn't any help when I called them. I haven't heard from my buyer but I'm even scared to contact her in case she takes advantage of the situation...I feel so guilty for feeling that way, but I can't help it!
    I hope your package turns up ASAP!
  5. It's actually reassuring hearing that others are receiving this message too. Maybe things will eventually get updated! Please do let me know how yours plays out.
  6. The last time I got that message was when I sent something to a small, remote town. Like maybe the mailman didn't have a scanner with them and just handed the package over to the buyer.
  7. Will do. Mine was a relatively small value (about $125), but it went to a HUGE city just one state over from me. Expected delivery date was 3 days ago...hopefully they will update soon. Crossing my fingers...
  8. Thanks for the info and advice! I have to give big props to the Postal Employees in the city this was sent. One of them just called me and is investigating the case. It's nice to know they care and are doing there best to figure out what happened. I'm so grateful to them....and the fact I don't have to totally freak out because this was insured!
  9. I don't have advice beyond what others have already said, but just want to wish you luck!
  10. Without any background on the buyer, it's impossible to say with certainty if she's is trying to have her cake and eat it too. But it does happen...

    I would keep doing what you're doing--stay on top of the USPS investigation. If eventually the package is not located, file the insurance claim, and you will get your money back kuz they messed up.

    You were smart to buy insurance! :tup:
  11. ^^I agree, keep us updated!
  12. Don't worry OP, you were very smart to have gotten insurance. And USPS sure doesn't want to lose out on $2000 so I am sure they will investigate to the end. I have had multiple incidents where the status just didn't update quickly enough. And it all worked out in the end. I'm sure the same will happen for you.

    Have you tried to use to check the seller's feedback? I am not sure if it works with Private feedback settings. But it's worth a shot!

    Good luck!
  13. Thanks so much girls! Still no updates from tracking and USPS told me they know it's not at the unit. So it was either delivered to the seller without being signed for/scanned, delivered elsewhere without being signed for/scanned, an employee stole it or somehow someone stole it/it fell from the truck! I went ahead and filed an insurance claim, so I'll keep everyone posted on how smoothly/quickly USPS handles it.
  14. I bought a wallet from a reputable seller a few years back. It went into the USPS warp and disappeared. The seller was a bit miffed and refunded me. He told me he was going to watch the tracking.

    It showed up 8 weeks later. The seller had taped over the entire label numerous times so that it was not scannable. I did an RTS since I bought it from another seller after that.

    Make sure you put the DC into USPS's site. Put in her e-mail address and yours so that you get an e-mail if it gets scanned at all (also check the box for scanning up to now).
  15. Wow noshoepolish! That's crazy! I wonder what would happen if that happened. I would hope my refund would be processed by then, as I don't want to have to deal with selling it again 8 weeks later, but it wouldn't be fair if the buyer got it either because they would have already been refunded their money. I wonder what USPS would say to do then...
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