need advice on LV messenger bag

  1. I need an LV bag for school..and was wondering what u guys think is best? I think a messenger bag that could fit a laptop would be my first choice..

    let's see what you recommend!!
  2. I was looking at Sac Bosphore as both laptop bag and larger messenger. There's a thread on here about them, with lots of product pics and shots of it being worn. :tup:

    I'm now purchasing a Congo PM so this will have to wait, but other messenger/laptop bags I was considering included Musette, Naviglio, Geant range and (wildcard!) Lockit Horizontal. You could also look at Congo GM.
  3. Congo PM is a great one. I will be getting one.
  4. what the name of the bag that has "louis vuitton" written across it diagonally? i like that one
  5. That is the Damier Geant line.

    The messenger bags in that line are called the Messager and Loup.

    I recommend the Bosphore Messenger (Monogram Canvas) and the Melville Messenger (Damier Canvas).

  6. yes! the damier geant! How come you woldn't recommend the geant? is it mostly a men's bag? seems like most members who have on the forum are guys..
  7. I also recommend the Geant [highly], I just forgot to put "I recommend" in front of it. :p
  8. ooooooooh dont forget the Damier Geant Yack - what a silly name for such a hot bag!!!
  9. ^^^ lol. The Yack is hot!!! It does have a funky name! :p

    I also like the Pionnier, but it's not a messenger bag. However, you can fit your laptop inside?
  10. I Have The Gm Bosphore And It Fits A 15 Inch Book Perfectlly But Don't Get It Cause I Have It J/k I Think It Makes A Perfect Messanger Bag It's Also My Only Mono Bag Also The Damier Geant Loup Fits A 15 Inch Laptop Also But I Exchanged It For The Bosphore It Was Just Too Slouchy...
  11. Someone said something about using a salayea MM or GM for school before! It will fit a lap top too!
  12. I have the Sac Bosphore, and IMO, it's a tad small for a laptop.
    You're better off with one of the geant messengers, or perhaps the larger Congo....
  13. man i want the monogram gm bosphore messenger sooooo bad! i was even thinking of exchanging my carryall for it, but then i decided i just couldnt do it. hopefully i can get it soon.

    and as for the geant, i thought it was too slouchy too. even though i do like how it looks.
  14. thanks for all the info!!!

    my other option would be the neverfull MM...anyone using this for school? is it comfortable?
  15. There are a few threads on here concerning the suitability of using Neverfull as a school bag, just take a quick look. There's a FAQ thread too that would answer your other questions. :flowers:

    I'd probably go the Geant instead though, it just seems tougher and more no-nonsence. You wouldn't need to be too precious with it.