Need Advice on Loose Thread on New Betty

  1. Guys I just got my Black Betty Chain from Nordstrom and it's just beautiful, EXCEPT on the handle, the thread is coming apart. What should I or can I do. I really love this bag and do not want to return it. It's doubtful that there's another one out there (I can try calling Nordstrom's back to see if they can find one. If I have them send me another bag, do I risk having other issues? I've attached pics of the problem. It doesn't look like it's a big deal to fix, however after spending $800 on this bag, I do not feel I should be spending anymore on it.

    Damaged Betty0001.jpg Damaged Betty0002.jpg Damaged Betty0003.jpg
  2. I purchased a Black Betty tote from BG a few months ago, it was the large tote with double handles. I absolutely loved it, was very heavy, and the exact same thing happened with the handle. BG offered me another 10% discount, and it seemed easily fixed, but due to the weight issue, I just decided to return it, I didn't want to hassle with the repair. You got a great deal, and it's a beautiful bag. I don't think the repair would be that difficult - maybe find a good leather repair that could reinforce all the threads on the handles, but I would expect Nordstrom's to give you a price adjustment. Good luck with your bag. It is a beautiful bag.
  3. First see if you can get a discount :smile: Then go to a fabric store and match the thread making sure it's glossy and heavy like the thread Chloe uses (it'll be synthetic, not cotton and probably upholstery weight). Then get a needlepoint needle and restitch the area. When you're finished use a lighter to singe the end of the thread that's sticking out to set it. Then go out and enjoy that sexy bag! That's what I'd do ;)
  4. I would definitely return it since its defective...but since you absolutely love it, Nordstroms should give you some discount or they should have it repaired at no cost to you.
  5. I've been dealing w/Jaime at the Bellevue Washington Nordies and she's been great. She is in the process of trying to find me another one. The other option was to take it back to Nordies and she says they will fix it for free. If it goes back to Chloe, she said it could take 4-6 weeks :sweatdrop: that's along time to wait for a bag. She did say their local person does a great job and so far she has been an AWESOME SA.. i would highly recommend anyone to use her.

  6. Unfortunately, I think this is a common problem with this style Betty.
  7. Green eggs, could you expand on this? Do you know this from personal use? This bag is fairly large enough to stuff quite a bit into, will this be an issue I deal w/all the time? If that's the case, I may have to rethink this purchase. I don't think this is a bag I would use everyday because it is large. It would be mostly for travel...

  8. This is very interesting to hear. I am a new owner of bettys, too. I just took my large betty on a trip and used it as carryon and it was great! It holds quite a lot and if I keep it on my shoulders, I didn't think it was too heavy - at least for travel. No loose threads but I'll check now.
  9. Well ladies, I spoke w/Jamie @ Bellevue Nordy's and she was able to find me another one and it should be here by next week. If anyone needs an Nordies SA, i would highly recommend her!!!!