Need Advice On Leaving Negative Feedback For NP Buyer

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  1. I can't seem to decide whether or not to leave negative feedback for this NP buyer as I am certain she will do the same to me. She has no reason to since I've done absolutely nothing wrong...however you know how retalliatory they are! The situation is this...

    Last Saturday my auction closed at which time I invoiced the buyer. Having not received any communication nor any payment from her, I re-invoiced her on Wednesday followed by an email request for payment on Friday. I never heard a word from her and thought perhaps she might be on vacation or ..worse the hospital! Not true! She too sells quite a bit on eBay and twice after winning my auction, she logged onto eBay to leave feedback for her buyers!! She had to be well aware that she was not only the winning bidder, but that she was being 'hounded' for payment of my auction. Early this morning, I reported her, knowing darned good and well that she would respond. She did, but I'm not accepting her excuse for non-payment. You see, I thoroughly read all of her feedback and found that twice over the course of the past five years, she has failed to pay for auctions that she won. Each time, she made an excuse as to why. IMO, she changed her mind either after bidding or winning my handbag and didn't know how else to get out from under her obligation to pay. I would be willing to bet that she has done this many times before but was never left negative feedback because the seller knew that she would retalliate. I'm fuming right now!! I don't want negative feedback from this woman when I don't deserve it, but at the same time I don't want her to get by with this. The only mark that I have against me is from 2002 when I never received an item that I had paid for through PayPal. After weeks of trying to contact the seller, I finally filed a claim with PayPal and left them negative feedback. The louse lied saying the item was mailed and at the same time left me a negative mark! eBay's feedback policy is not the least bit fair. Sorry to go off like this, but I am just miffed! Here's her comments...

    If what she says is true, she should have contacted me immediately and I would have understood. However, considering what I stated before about her having been on Ebay to leave feedback , I don't believe her! What would you do if you were me? You know she'll be ticked about the negative feedback I leave her, but someone needs to stop her nonsense.
  2. Since she's a non payer, she can't leave you a neg right?
  3. I would definately leave this person negative feedback. She sounds like she's full of lame excuses. I do believe that can leave you feedback as well, but if she has any deciency she won't. If she does, you can post a reponse to her feedback (which will show under yours) explaining that the feedback is retalitory. It sounds like you have great feedback, so any future buyers when checking your feedback will hopefully see the situation for what it was. Good luck!!!

  4. Yes tonij...isn't that awful?? As long as she responds within 7 days of my filing a claim against her, she can. Oddly enough, she never responded to the 3 attempts I made to collect on the auction she won, but she did so almost immediately after I reported her to Ebay!! She will more than likely retaliate once I leave her negative feedback.
  5. Thanks ella!! I'm going to do the right thing and give her negative feedback. She's more than likely counting on my not doing so for fear that she will retaliate. You know what...I don't care. You're right that anyone wanting to bid on my auctions will look at my feedback and know that it was not I who was at fault in this situation!! Thanks for reminding me that I will be able to respond to whatever feedback she leaves! I had forgotten about that!:tup:
  6. I would just leave it simple and factual......

    NPB-Ended xx-xx, no communication until NPB filed on xx-xx, refuses to pay.

    She is responsible for HER account, she shouldn't let her daughter know her password.....if that is in fact the truth. She IS a seller she should know better.

    Good luck to you, and if you get a neg back, just reply with the facts and without emotion.
  7. I'm dealing with this now. A seller sold me a fake LV bag. I filed a claim but she responded, saying the bag was real. (It was a blatant fake.) Since she responded to the claim, she was eligible to leave me neg FB. I left her a neg, and then she retaliated by leaving me neg FB.

    If your buyer does retaliate, you can file a claim with Square Trade. That's what I'm doing now. It may cost you about $30. I'm hoping that Square Trade will remove the neg that I have, thus restoring my 100% pos FB. It might be worth it for you if you'd like to have any bad feedback removed.
  8. Thanks lori. Prior to my posting this 'plea for advice', I had read your posts about having been sold the fake LV in addition to having been left with retailatory negative feedback. Knowing that I am able to contact Square Trade to have her negative remarks removed, I am going to give her exactly what she deserves. It's worth the $30 if you value your perfect feedback score. far back will they go in removing the 'undeserved' negative marks. Do they charge $30 for removal of each negative.
  9. Question...Must I wait another 7 days or should I close the dispute. After she made up the story about ther daughter, I responded in disbelief with my reasons why. It doesn't appear that she will again respond...actually, I'm certain that she won't. If I close the dispute now, can I then leave her negative feedback and make a second chance offer? Thanks for the help. I'm sorry to sound so ignorant, however having not had this happen before, I was completed unaware of my options.
  10. Yes, I believe each one is counted as a separate "case", so they would charge you $30 for each one. I'm not sure how far back they will go.
  11. I'm not sure where you are in the claim process, but I would wait to see what paypal does rather than closing the claim now. If PP doesn't rule in your favor, then go with Square Trade if the buyer leaves you neg FB.

    Since the buyer responded to the claim, she can definitely leave you neg FB.

  12. I had a lady with the same reason for one of my Webkinz.....
  13. I cant believe it!

    How can people do these things?

    I'm probably just to naive to shop on these places, so I always just go to a store and pay the full price:blush: - also when I see something I just want it there and then...

    But really, how can you be protected when buying on ebay? With so many fake bags its too easy to get scr.....d

  14. Lori..If she never submitted a payment, then would PayPal necessarily be involved in the claim process? Although she was invoiced repeatedly, she ignored them. It's funny how she so quickly responded after I reported her as a NPB. Hmmm...what did she think I was going to do? I honestly think that she will be SHOCKED when I leave her neg feedback.....I just don't know when to do it. Must I wait until 7 days have passed again? I mean....we know she doesn't want the bag and therefore she won't remit payment. I wouldn't want her to have it now anyway since she would probably just damage it and then claim that it came to her that way.:cursing:
  15. OMG. Same thing happened to me over a week ago. Buyer made an offer I accepted it and invoiced right away. Never heard a thing so I invoiced her again 3 days later. Still nothing. I sent a message to please let me know when she planned on paying. She finally sends me a message stating the she gave her sister her account information and her sister put the bid in just for fun. I was so pissed. She said she was so sorry and please not to leave her negative feedback.