Need advice on international shipping

  1. I have a handbag listed on ebay that I really, really want to sell but haven't been having much luck. I did not state in my auction that I would not ship outside the US, but I have never shipped outside the US and know nothing about it. I do know that paypal cannot confirm addresses outside of the US. I have had someone from france contact me to say that they are very interested in my bag and would use BIN if I could tell them how much shipping would be and how long it would take to receive the package.

    Should I do this? Is it safe for me to sell to someone overseas? Does anyone know off the top of their head what I should charge to cover the shipping costs from KY, USA to France? And how long it would take?

    Any help would be soooo appreciated, thanks!
  2. I live in England and have a confirmed Paypal address.I have also bought things from America and as I have a confirmed address no problem. I sell to people all over the world and think you can have problems any were. I always get the post to get a signature the other end and if poss. a tracking number plus insurance. To send a package from England to the USA takes about 5 days but can take up to 10 or more depending on what service you get. Hope this helps a little
  3. That does help, thank you! I had been told that paypal does not confirm addresses outside of the US, I am glad I was wrong about that!
  4. They do but not everyone has a confirmed address you need to ask the person who is going to buy it. Good Luck
  5. i think paypal confirm addresses in the uk and canada as well as the US but not other countries. they may have added some that i don't know about. it's called verified in the uk though, that's what mine is.

    if you ship with signature confirmation (which you should anyway) it's just as safe to ship abroad as domestically. or as unsafe if you prefer, there are scammers everywhere! the only seller i ever got scammed by was in the states, and all my problematic ebay buyers have been domestic (in the uk), as long as you check to see that it's not an address associated with a known scam (see the paypal scam thread and google if in doubt) that they're asking you to ship to you should be fine. the only problem is that it's harder to get law enforcement involved if you get scammed and that you may not have paypal seller protection, so if you're concerned ask for a wire transfer or western union. i'd do that domestically too though.
  6. Now someone is Belgium (with zero feedback) has placed a bid. I guess no one in the US wants my bag. *L*
  7. EEEK...another bid from a zero feedback bidder, but this one is in the US. At least the person from France had some feedback, all positive.
  8. I would ship to the person in France. I have had bad experiences from 0 feedback ebayers
  9. Paypal will not confirm any address in other countries except US, UK and Canada. So sellers who state they ship worldwide but only to confirmed addresses are wasting their time.

    I think you should always ship with signature confirmation to other countries and offer insurance. I have bought a lot from the US and I never had a package lost so...

    With selling online there is always a risk, but check the buyers feedback, you should do ok.

    Good luck!
  10. You can go to and calculate shipping from KY to where ever you're sending it. Start using the shipping calculator in your auctions.

    You can also, in your seller preferences, block buyers from countries you don't ship to, and only allow those who have a mailing address to the countries you do ship to.
  11. I have marked my auctions "will send to US only" and had foreigners bid anyway. You need to use the blocking if you really want to discourage it.

    There is extra work involved in sending overseas.

    Many more options - global, express etc. I must fill out the customs declaration form. Sometimes, I need their phone number, which requires extra emails. Some people want the item declared as a gift - to avoid paying duty. Some sellers will do that, others will not. Sometimes, it requires a special trip to the post office - which costs me money.
    Anyway, I charge a big premium over the postage costs to cover my time. Even though I state the P&H costs ahead of time, I still may have to explain it - more of my time.

    So, make sure you charge a realistic amount for overseas.

    Also, think about your return policy. I refund the price less shipping - which can be a big deal if the shipping costs are $40 . I hope this helps
  12. Hi Lori...hope I can help (I've shipped to many foreign places including Asia & Europe).
    I would first go to and calculate shipping. ALWAYS ship your item Express Mail International (aka EMS). This allows you several things: faster shipping, signature required, tracking number and ability to add insurance. It is more expensive....but if they really want it they'll pay!
    Check out the France person's feedback...make sure there is no negatives regarding chargebacks, paypal disputes, etc.

    Also...with international buyers I clearly state that I will NOT lie on customs forms. tell them to protect yourself you have to insure it for the amount they paid and that will be the amount on the customs form.

    Finally....I like to keep in close contact with the buyer. Email the tracking number to them...and then touch bases to make sure it got there safely.

    Good luck!
  13. That's funny, I have a Singapore account and my address is listed as verified. I think it matters whether or not Paypal has managed to verify your credit card and/or bank account that is listed in your profile.
  14. i don't think it's more work at all. i go to the post office for everything i sell on ebay, and i send everything with tracking to avoid disputes, so the only extra form is the customs form which takes all of 30 seconds or to fill in. not a huge deal to me at all. if they wanted sending by courier that would be more work but that would also apply domestically.