Need Advice on How to Remove Color Transfer

  1. Hi! My jeans' color rubbed off on my D-Bag. What's the best way to remove the stain without damaging the leather? Also, are there any leather care products that can prevent stains?

    Would appreciate any advice. This is my 1st major leather bag purchase so I'm really not experienced on their care. :smile: Thanks! :smile:
  2. A product made by apple care (apple gaurde?) has been passed around for varied uses in the LV forum (for the leather part of the bag)..,you could check there for more info
  3. thanks for the help :smile:
  4. I've used Cadillac Leather Cleaner with success on my TODS bags--the boutique gave me the cleaner when I purchased the bag. :smile:

    It's also a great leather conditioner.