Need advice on how to handle this please...

  1. I'm sorry for the long post.. My husband's business partner & his wife are weirdly religious. They like to go out & have a good time, they are not angels by any means but they devoutly go to church, give their church TONS of money, etc.. We went to Hawaii with them a few years ago over Halloween season. I was laughing at all the decorations & they were making comments on how they don't celebrate Halloween (it's anti-Christian..) We also went to a Luau & I wanted to buy a small handcarved Tiki statue to bring home & put by our pool. "G" made a comment that it was "evil" & I honestly thought he was joking (but he wasn't...)

    I'm on his wife's email list & she is always sending out these "Christian coalition" newsletters to everyone on her buddy list. These newletters are put out by the nutcases who sue Walmart for selling "questionable" dolls, etc... I've learned to pretty much ignore them but lately she keeps emailing me one's that target gay people. I got one a few weeks ago urging everyone to boycott Ford because they give benefit programs to homosexuals & they "market the Jaguar to homosexuals" WTF?! Today, I get this one (SEE BELOW) & I'm sitting here speechless. You see, my uncle is gay & I also have a 2nd cousin that's gay (it goes without saying, I don't think she knows that...) My uncle was all but disowned by most of the family when he came out. Now that I'm older, I understand & accept him for who he is. In fact, we are closer now than we have ever been.

    My husband symathizes & tells me just to ignore her but I don't think I can stay quiet much longer. We've known this couple for years. Due to the personal & business relationship we have, I have to treat this delicately. Her & I aren't that close but we do see each other at company things & we do socailize occasionally.

    It so burns my butt to see "Christians" being so judgmental & bigoted. We are not extremely religious & we don't go to church regularly. I do believe in God & trust me, I've done my share of praying over the years. We are a good family & I'm raising my kids to be honest, caring, OPENMINDED individuals. I just hate to see people call themselves Christians, go to church every Sunday, do what they think God wants but then are the first people to judge, chastize & treat people like dirt who aren't just like them. I know this is an age old debate but I really just need advice about how to handle this.. Do I just delete the email & ignore it AGAIN or should I say something to her? I really want to avoid any awkwardness though. We have a company trip in 6 weeks where I'm going to be seeing them. Any advice?? Thanks :flowers:

    Parents Please Read Before It’s Too Late:

    Homosexual groups CAN & DO Promote, Support & RECRUITstudents, YOUR CHILDREN….. to the homosexual lifestyle in schools!!
    College…High School & even Elementary!!!!
    (Many Universities promote homosexuality on their application!!)

    BUT, since Religion is banned from schools...Students & Groups Cannot Promote, Support or Recruit fellow students to follow
    Gods’ Way….

    Some Christians are even supporting the homosexual marriage agenda & the many other rights they are demanding, not realizing what the results will mean, including:

    -Many Catholic adoption agencies are closing their doors due to being forced to allow same sex adoptions. It’s against their Religion!

    -Catholic & Christian Schools that receive state aid will be forced to allow the Promotion & Recruitment of homosexuals in their schools or lose their aid……putting them out of business, or going against their Religion!

    -Your Children’s Teachers will be forced to actively teach that homosexuality is a normal way of life & an equal option for all of them.

    Remember, Teachers will not be allowed to mention what the Bible says!
    Only the promotion of homosexuality, not Christianity is allowed!!

    2% of America is homosexual…(estimated)
    79% of Americans say they believe in God!

    If you believe in God then Promote, Support & Recruit for him!!

    Stop allowing His Greatness to be washed away!!

    God brings hardship to our lives to “Get Our Attention” & “Change Things”! Don’t wait for that to happen!

    Start NOW!!
    -Vote for politicians supporting Christian Values this November!
    -Join Christian Action groups like !
    -Speak up! We may be the biggest, but we are NOT the loudest!!

  2. Good gosh -- what a tricky situation. This woman sounds like a NUT. Her emails are beyond ridiculous -- her husband sounds crazy, too. How do they have the brains to even be in business?
  3. Well, honestly, my husband is the brains & his business partner was the extremely lucky co-worker, who at the time, had enough money to help fund the startup of the business..But don't get me started on that.. that's another beef I have:yucky:
  4. Oh Good Grief !, This is really awful and hurtfull. I would Have to say something, she is out of order. Peoples personal lives have nothing to do with her. I myself am a christian but Iam by no means religious, this is really bad.
    I would just say that I disagree with her values and morals and tell her about your uncle and cousin. If she is a true christian she would understand. I would maybe take her to meet some gay people after this. Ones who you cant tell are gay and then after she has met them say "Did you know, hes gay"...this would maybe soften her, if she knows that gays are normal people too, just like her..maybe she can change ?. :smile: hope that helps
  5. Well, I really hesitated to post this "newsletter" as it is hurtful but I don't think anyone would believe how awful they really are. I feel the need to apologize to anyone who is offended my it. I'M OFFENDED BY IT!
  6. Ugh, it really burns me up when the whole adoption thing gets mentioned...don't get me wrong, I'm Catholic (slightly religious, but not really), but it breaks my heart when I think about all those kids in orphanages...wouldn't it be better if these children were raised in loving environments than to be pushed around from foster home to foster home? And it's worse when you know that there is a bias to what kind of child adoptors want.

    But anyway...I think this is a really delicate situation, but you might want to speak with her about this when you are calm. If she still is pushy about this, then there's always the spam folder...
  7. Wow that email is really pissing me off. I would like someone I know to send that **** to me! :cursing::cursing::cursing:
    You should have a discussion with her and explain how much of an idiot she really is by spreading hate.
  8. oh my goodness me!!! After I read this I could not stop laughing. I don't mean any offense it just that to me this seems over the top! I am Christian, and this is not what I support!!!!

    My advice: stay clear of them if you can!! Or if you want to be a rebel talk about how it is good for your children to see and accept all kinds of people!

    I still can not believe this! That woman is crazy!

  9. I agree, it's absurd- to the point where you have to laugh in disbelief. I think I might casually mention my gay uncle in conversation the next time I see her. Maybe she will get it then.

    Thanks everyone for your replys..
  10. I would avoid having any discussion with her that may make you say something you regret. Avoid the whole thing by blocking her email altogether or just ask her to only send you personal emails she has written, since you love hearing from her, but you don't have time to read anything that has been forwarded. Best of luck!
  11. With someone like that, you will never change them. And by saying anything, you will only cause problems and hard feelings for your husband and the business. Send her an email like this:

    "Dear Fruitcake wife of my husbands partner" (well maybe not that line)

    Would you do me a HUGE favor and remove me from your mailing list. My mailbox has been so full lately that its hard to read the emails that are time sensitive.
    Thanks so much!

    This way, the emails stop and no one feels weird.
  12. ^ hahahah besides teh fruitcake part i agree with selena
  13. Good advice, thanks! When we are together, they honestly don't talk about religion that much. They know we aren't like them & don't want to hear it. "G", my husband's business partner is pretty much "all work" at work. It's only in social situations that they sometimes say something stupid in response to someone. I did contemplate blocking her emails but then was worried if she ever sent me a personal one, that I wouldn't get it. Her personal emails are never like this either. It's just these "newsletters" she is forwarding me! UGH
  14. Wow, what an insulting and hateful email...I would be uber pissed if I got that! I would feel that I would have to say something...not sure what, but that is terrible!
  15. Wow this lady sounds crazy! Maybe email her back or talk to her in person and tell her that you would appreciate it if she would stop emailing you the "Cristian" material because you have a different point of view and you found some of it to be offensive. But if she continues after you ask her to stop just block her email addy.