Need advice on how to clean MC agenda...

  1. Ok ladies I purchased a used black MC agenda a few days ago and it finally arrived today. :yahoo: But it does appear that there is some dirt on the MC surface :rant: , any suggestions on what I can use to clean this that will not ruin the surface or take off the color?

    Also when you purchase an agenda from an LV store does it come with a dust cover? Since I bought this 2nd hand it did not come with one, I wonder if I take it in to LV I could get one for it? :shrugs:
  2. Baby wipes or damp cloth.:yes:
  3. Thanks for the advice Irene! I didn't just walk to get the baby wipes, I ran for them! I almost had a heart attack when I got home from work and opened the package to look at the agenda, it looked like the MC print had worn off (turned out to just be dirt :shame: ). I must say that the wipe worked rked like a charm to remove the dirt on the MC if I could only remove the water mark on the trim & pens marks But I'm not going to complain because I got a good deal and kept some $ toward my next purchase ...either a mongram lockit PM or Chanel tote.:wlae:
  4. agree!! baby wipes are great!:tender: :heart:
  5. YES when new the agenda comes with a dust over. Congrat's on the new/used purchased.
  6. Be Very Carful The Color Rubs Off With Heavy Wear Since It Is Silk Stamped On
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