Need advice on first Bottega Veneta Bag

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  1. Ok, I am ready to make the plunge on purchasing my first Bottega Veneta handbag. I have admired them for years, then discovered this website and can feel the excitement from all of you on owning a Bottega Veneta. I typically do not like hobos - prefer more structured handbags. So what are your thoughts?

    Also, what are your thoughts on the Bond Bag? I sure do appreciate all of your feedback!:biggrin:
  2. It's a gorgeous bag - I love the weave on the Bond bag. The only thing I don't like is that it is a hand held bag. I prefer bags that I can fit on my shoulder or at least can carry at the elbow. But it is a lovely structured bag and it's very roomy inside.
  3. Welcome to the Purse Forum and the BV designer forum!

    Like shih-tzu-lover I prefer bags I can sling onto my shoulder. Do you live close enough to a BV store or department store that carries BV to try some different styles on? Any bag that has a "base" or a definite bottom won't slouch like hobos. BV makes a few frame bags too. The Milano and Parachute bags have wider bases, but they are casual looking so maybe not structured enough for you.

    You'll get more suggestions. BV is a fabulous choice for a timeless, quality bag.
  4. How about Roma? It's a slouchy- structured bag that you can carry at the elbow or sling it on your shoulder.
  5. I was a shoulder bag only gal until I got the BV Montaigne. Now, I'm 50:50 shoulder to hand held.
  6. I think the Bond bag is beautiful. I have about 75% shoulder bags but almost never wear them on the shoulder except for once in a while when I need to do something with both hands. Almost always I even carry my large Ventea's by hand down at my side. Hand held don't bother me at all and I don't have any hand held that I can't put on the crook of my arm. When I tried on the Bond bag I was wearing it on the crook of my arm quite comfortably so it's not just hand held. :biggrin:
  7. I was going to suggest a Large Veneta for your first BV but since you're not into hobos, then what about a Montaigne? It to me has a good mix of structure & slouch... and the size is great. (The Bond bag is bigger) But if you need more structure then the Bond bag is a good option or the Roma. Whenever someone mentions structure & BV I think of the latter. Not counting the Frame bag (as seen on Angels & Demons) which might be too small for some people as an everyday bag.
  8. My vote's for the Roma if you are looking for one with more structure. Or the montaigne- I just got my very first one and I'm a total convert. :yes: They are both classics.

    The Roma tends to get alil heavy while the montaigne holds a fair bit and remains rather lightweight. Both can be carried on the shoulder if need be but are really more for elbow/handcarry.
  9. the gladiol roma is TDF if you can find one
    the roma is a compartment bag
    and the handles are adjustable
    It is a lovely bag
    and I would not carry it on my shoulder

  10. I am just learning BV as well, but it has doing quite a damage in my pocket book. I'm sure you will add more BV after you have touched on BV. I love ths leather so much. i have been to the boutique and tried on different bags, by far i love the campana style. it's slouchy, but does have a shape and some structure to it. I have tried the montainge also, and it is in my wish list. The orchid montainge is going to be my next bag, hopefully..... Good luck with your decision and don't forget to do your reveal
  11. Also, the Montaigne can be undone at each end to pull them up and make a tote style. There should be pics on the Montaigne style reference thread.
  12. montaigne gets my vote:smile:
  13. Definitely think about the Montaigne (everyone rolls their eyes...)!
  14. Here is TDL's beautiful Montaigne, with both configurations shown....

    Anemone Montaigne (Cruise 2010)


  15. If not hobos, my vote goes to;


    Let us know what you've decided!