Need advice on exercise regimen

  1. Okay folks. I've been telling myself that I'm going to start exercising. I don't have a gym membership but that's not a problem because I can always walk or run.

    I have no clue how to start. Should I try walking or running my first time? I feel that running is a bit overwhelming for me at first but I know I could get the hang of it after a few runs. Is running better than walking? Should I try it for a mile at first? Is 2-3 times a week good enough?

    I'm sorry about all the questions:shame: There's plenty of ladies here that know about health and fitness. Thank you in advance :biggrin:
  2. i think you should just start with jogging. ;) but if you're like me and hate running i suggest you do some crunches or some simple yoga or pilates moves. bikram yoga is the best! you're put in a heated room for an hour and a half but it pays off. ;)
  3. Starting with walking is the best if you are new to exercising.

    Three times a week is great.

    If your ultimate aim is to run,most training programmes recommend that you start with intervals:

    You walk 5 minutes,run 2 minutes,etc alternating for a total of 30 minutes.Then gradually you build up the amount of time you run vs walk.Within 6 weeks you should be able to run 30 minutes uninterrupted. Has worked for me!

    There are a number of starter training programmes for runners online,if you use Google.

    Exercising outdoors is a lot of fun....good luck!!! And remember,even when you don't feel liek running at all,a good brisk 30 minute walk is a great exercise in itself.
  4. We have bikram yoga here too. Just a few blocks away. I heard the room is over 100 degrees :biggrin: I'll check it out, thanks. I'm also looking into belly dancing classes because my flabby abs need tightening. :shame:
  5. Thanks Quirkycool!
  6. I went with a crash course of exercise. Six nights a week--at least 25 minutes on my treadmill--combo of running and walking. The SECOND I come home, I change into my work out clothes, only sit down to put on my running shoes and then I go. It's actually kept me going.

    My theory was that it's easy to say I'll do 3 days/week and then end up doing 0. But you can go 6 days/week and slow down to 3 days/week... It helps to make it part of your routine.
  7. yup! 105 degrees i think! it sounds scary but it's just like working out on a hot summer day. :smile:

    i need to exercise my abs too! phew. ive got major muffin tops going on! ive been trying to go the gym 2-3 times a week and stalk the ab machines. :smile:

    good luck with your workout! we can do it!! :lol:
  8. Don't over do it in the beginning. You run the risk of burning yourself out quickly - or worse - injuring yourself. I personally prefer to take step or aerobics classes with a group, but I don't want any workout buddies, too much stress to try and keep up.
  9. I have to say PILATES all the way! It transformed my body, no joke! You can read more at but I have to say, I swear by Pilates, and am so addicted that I bought my own Reformer. If you can find a studio near you, give it a try. Its fantastic!
  10. I love Pilate too. The first time I tried it, I couldn't get out of bed, I was sooo sore :cry: I'm glad I didn't give up on it though.. It's really helped shape my stomach.

    In addition to Pilate, I also run on treadmill.. I find the combination of pilate and cardio work great for me :biggrin:
  11. Start out slow that's for sure. Try a variety of exercises like yoga, pilates (those are great) and spin classes for the extra umph on the day where u just want to go hard. I heard spinning classes the bikes are so different than regular bikes. Also do some weights to tone not bulk up. Good luck!! :biggrin:
  12. I dance. Nothing fancy, just around the living room for an hour; two, or three, times a week.

    I used to swim a lot, then I rowed, then I did step aerobics, then I powerwalked; but nothing is as exhilerating, or feels as natural, as dancing! :love:

    The great thing is that it doesn't feel like a chore, or involve any equipment and you don't have to drag yourself off to the gym, or pool, to do it! :biggrin:

    ...and as I tell my boyfriend; 'I'm going to dance now, because, as you know - a dancer dances!' :lol:
  13. You should run and then walk, and then run, and then walk.
  14. Most people can't just start jogging w/o a little jogging/running experience.
    Walking at a quick pace is the best way to start, then working up to a walk where you can barely talk is the next step.
    To build up to jogging you can walk for 5 minutes, jog for 2-3, then walk again, increasing your jog time as you continue working out.
    Also, maybe get a few good work out videos, great for the upcoming too hot to go outside months!