Need advice on ebay buy

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  1. #1 Jan 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2009

    I am not asking for advice on a pair of shoes but advice regarding shipping charges.

    I won a bid on a pair of Gattacas on ebay yesterday and asked the seller to send me the invoice. To my extreme shock, she sent it to me this morning and is charging USD102.50 for shipping and handling. I have bought CLs on ebay before and the most I have paid for is USD40 for USPS Express International which comes with tracking and all. What do you think should I do? Is it just me or am I right to be mad? :confused1::sad::cursing: I don't want it to affect my ebay feedback :sad:


    ps. sorry if this is wrongly posted in the forum
  2. Crumbs that's crazy.

    Did her listing not state postage costs ? I think you should contact her to ask why it's so high. Maybe it's a mistake

    I live in the UK and to have it posted from the US Express International it's around $30. I'm happy to pay up to $40 to cover their costs.
  3. That's way too much. I'm in Sydney and the most I get charged for USPS Express International is US$40 -- that's with insurance and tracking. Is the $102.50 FedEx or DHL?
  4. Agreed; unless the seller is being a crook, the only way that shipping could be that high is when it's by a courier.
  5. I'd send a message asking her to fix the "typo" and mention that you've never paid more than $40 for shipping in the past...
  6. Agree with this!
  7. I agree too! I live in Norway, and only pay around $40 for shipping from the US to Norway.. So that's crazy!!
  8. I agree with the advice given to message her about the "typo". Also, do not worry about your feedback as sellers can not leave negative/neutral feedback for buyers.
  9. I agree. If the seller is trying to use UPS / Fedex, those rates can get high depending on the declared insurance value. The best way for them to send them is via USPS GLobal Express. It is still sent via Fedex from here via a contract, but is way cheaper and tehy can get a bulk box rate depending on the size. Good luck!
  10. You can report excessive shipping to -Bay too.
    That's ridiculous!
  11. Agree with above .... ask her to fix the "typo" and if she doesn't report her to ebay! $102 for SHOES?! No way!
  12. is she a new seller? she may have looked up shipping rates online and quoted you the price for express mail guarenteed. it's much more expensive than regular express mail. maybe ask her if there is a cheaper method. she might just be new or looking at the wrong thing.
  13. Thanks for the advice girls. I've emailed her and asked whether there was a mistake with the shipping. Will wait for her response. I hope it goes well!!
  14. Keep us all posted and Good Luck !

    Like Jet says, you can report to ebay about excess postage if they are awkward :yes:
  15. $102.50 for shipping? that's craziness! :wtf:

    hope it all works out for you! and if not, report her to ebay for insanely excessive shipping!