Need advice on durable grass...

  1. Background:
    We have two dogs: One is a Springer Spaniel and runs nearly all day, and for the year she was our only dog, we had no yard problems. We were able to keep a nice yard with lush grass, flowers, plants, even a small veggie garden.

    Now we have a second dog: she's a boxer mix and is not as active as the first, but has completely torn up our yard. We got her as a pup, trained her the same way as the first, but have had very different results. She's about two years old now, and has eaten all the rose bushes, ate all the veggies (no longer have a garden) and has a huge digging problem. Once she learned that there was dirt under the grass, she bit the existing grass to get to the dirt, and started digging holes faster than we could fill them. We now have a yard full of dirt. We've tried replanting grass twice (seeding), it grew full one time and the dog tore it up again.

    Bottom line - I can't take it anymore and want to put down sod, but want to be sure that she can't dig it up. I know there are some brands that are more durable, and our local garden shop couldn't give a good recommendation. My mom has a very thick kind (she doesn't know what it is), and when our dog was there for a few days, she couldn't pull it up to eat it and dig.

    The dog is not bored, or seeking attention - the dog is walked, has toys, treats, and we are out with her at least 2-3 times a night. Both dogs sleep in a large kennel so the one cannot dig at night. She's a sweet dog, but she just eats grass!

    Any recommendations? I don't want to spend the summer out back in dirt!
  2. You might try giving her her own place to dig. Find a small part of the yard and make it like a sandbox but with dirt. Put her toys in there and some treats when she is outside. Let her dig only there. She will be excited digging up her buried treasure. You can get a good squirt gun and if she tries to dig in another place give her a squirt. You can also get a metal jar put a few pennies in it and shake it at her if she tries to dig. The sound should startle her enough to distract her from what she is doing. I know exactly what you are going through. I have 3 Greyhounds that have run a race track into my back yard. Green grass would be so nice.
  3. St. Augustine has really long roots and once it is there, it gets so thick and full. However, it needs tons of water and maintenance for bug issues. Bermuda grass is sometimes thick too, depends on the variety.
  4. I don't have any advice, sorry. My DH takes care of all the lawns and garden stuff. But your question made me smile b/c it made me remember when one of my dogs was a puppy and she was crazy for digging up impatiens!

    She outgrew that passion after a while. Good luck to you!
  5. Great! Thanks - I'm off to look at St. Augustine!
  6. if your yard is sunny, go with bermuda. it's nearly impossible to kill!!! plus, it's also a low-water use grass.
  7. isn't kentucky blue blade a real thick and hearty grass? other than that, the person who comes up with a durable grass that can withstand any animal is going to be a bazillionaire!
  8. LOL! Isn't that the truth? :yes: