Need advice on different sizes of dress!!

  1. Hi, I bought a dress about 3 months ago. It was discounted from 350 to 75. But they didn't have my size, and the only one left was size 4. So I bought it, thinking it's just going to be a tad big, and it was a bit loose. But today while i was browsing, I saw the same dress for the same price ($75) and it's in my size. What should I do? Should I buy it? But what am I gonna do with the other one? (Cant return, been 3 months).... Any advice? Thanks for the input!
  2. I think if it's only a bit loose, keep it and get it tailored.
  3. I would still try and take it back. Depending where you purchased the dress, Macys and Nordstroms will give you store credit.I would at least try and return it.
  4. Thanks guys. Yes I tried to return it but no luck, I bought it from online store. Do you think the cost of the tailor is cheaper than buying another one? My husband think I am crazy to buy 2 of the same dress even though they are different sizes. I could give one away as a gift but I don't want my friend to wear the same dress as me. so should I just forget it and move on to different dress? LOL
  5. I'd tailor the one you currently have if I were you. It won't cost as much as a new dress (well, at least not in Singapore :p)!