Need advice on colored gemstone rings

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  1. I’m looking at getting a halo gemstone ring but I need advice on what color of stone is most easily wearable.

    I’m looking at either a pink or a blue tone, here are some pics. What do you think will be more easily worn as an every day?

    And as a side note what are your thought of cushion vs emerald cut? TIA!

    89945717-25B9-4926-B339-66C022D5ED3F.jpeg CEDAF381-FF87-416D-8EA1-05DD4C83D6A5.jpeg 36365689-7791-4A6C-997F-CAD1E4EE4C83.jpeg 5B61B45C-0A40-4D60-B304-D1D37BE75CDF.jpeg
  2. I really like the first one!! [emoji7]I would
    Say go with a color u like the most!!
  3. Love the first one but you have to go with what is really speaking to you
  4. I love the last one, but I'm a pink girl :lol:

    The contrast between the pink gemstone and white metal is simply fabulous! It just looks so clean and eye catching :love:
  5. I agree with going for whichever you like best. The nice thing with gemstones is they subtly take on the colors you're wearing, so the contrast is not so stark. I have a pink sapphire similar in tone to the one you posted set in rose gold and if I wear a different pink, it complements it.
  6. 3 and 4 in my opinion
  7. I personally think it is always easier to match white gold even if the stone is blue of pink =)
  8. Hard choice...they all look great! What colored stones were you thinking of? If you plan to wear the ring as an everyday ring, choice a "hard" stone like sapphire. Emerald/tanzanite are soft and prone to cracking/chipping especially in a ring. If you'd like a gorgeous blue check out a Ceylon sapphire.
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  9. Great advice!!! Yes, soft stones are not good for daily jewelry. I rarely wear gemstone rings on a daily basis unless they’re small accent stones. I tend to gravitate around diamonds due to its resistance and I simply change color of my settings. There are so many alternatives ... colored diamonds, quartz, zircons,
    Anyway .... great perspective!!
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  10. Thanks for the info, i didn’t realize how soft tanzenite was. I have seen the Ceylon and they are a beautiful color but not that easy to find. I think I’m leaning towards a blue for everyday. Now I just have to find the right one!
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  11. Love #2. Is that Indicolite?
  12. 7BEDDDFC-564B-4766-9553-E193023506E5.jpeg
    What about Montana sapphires? Many colored stones are heat treated or irradiated. Looks like you can still get some beautiful unheated Montana sapphires like this one from EraGem.
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  13. @lavy I’m obsessed with the stone in #2 (for a pair of earrings). Where are the photos from?
  14. They are from Etsy and it’s a Iondon blue topaz. If you search for a “halo London blue topaz ring gold” you will find lots of them”
  15. [emoji254][emoji92]thank you!!!![emoji92][emoji254]
    @lavy [emoji8]
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