Need advice on color and hardware! Help!

Apr 16, 2008
Beverly Hills, CA
First off, I am new to this forum so I hope I am posting this correctly!
I LOVE all bags but there are a few such as Balenciaga, that I tend to buy all different colors!
I have a
Black work and a Burgundy work. Recently sold my Black city and Turq city because they were just too small!
Anyway, fell in love with the Magenta work and just purchased today at the Los Angeles store as well as the new Yellow work. My issue is.... I bought the Yellow with the Silver Giant Hardware but feel like maybe the classic hardware is better??
Also, contemplating the White work but again, classic hardware or Gold Giant Hardware??? I'm more of a Gold girl versus Silver when it comes to jewelry! lol!

Colleen V.

Aug 27, 2006
New Jersey
I think the white with the gold hardware looks awesome. Since you have 2 works with the regular hardware, one with the giant gold hardware will be a nice change. I have 2 cities with the giant gold hardware and I love them. I am also more of a gold girl too!
Apr 16, 2008
Beverly Hills, CA
The white does look REALLY good with the Gold Hardware!
So with the Yellow.. I'm very torn on that choice of hardware!
Being its such a bright color I thought classic hardware would be best but now that I have been checking out all the photo's posted on here, I'm thinking the Giant hardware looks really good! Back to the hard part, Silver or Gold with the Yellow??!!


Mar 29, 2007
I just love Gold Giant Hardware with any color of Bbag more than Silver one so if I were you I would go for GGH, IMO


Jan 16, 2006
The GGH is just so pretty. I've just bought to bags with it and I absolutely LOVE it. I am a real gold girl too. But that being said I do think that the GSH looks better on a yellow bag.