Need advice on career change - all opinions welcome!

  1. All my life I wanted to be a professional violinist. It was my passion, my love, and so it is all I studied. I was so focused on music, that I never considered doing anything else. Cut to the present...

    I am 27, and just now admitting to myself that music will probably not ever pay all the bills. Gigs are sporadic; I might make lots of $$$ one month, and not very much the next. I need more stability, and I need more money.

    I'm planning to go back to school to get a degree in something more lucrative and stable....but the only thing is I have no idea what to study! I'm pretty sure I can get a few grants, which will help with the schooling while I keep my orchestra gigs at night.

    I've taken those "career personality" tests before, and I know I am much more creative than analytical.

    I know what I DON'T want to teaching, no law, and no medicine unless I can get over my queesy stomach. :rolleyes::lol:

    I know this is such a general question, along with a rant, but I thought perhaps you all might have some sound advice.:love:

    What do you do for a living, and what about your job makes you love it?

    Thanks! :heart:
  2. i've been through this all many, many times. the first thing i would suggest, if you're serious about a career change, is to schedule an appointment with a career counselor. it'll be much more helpful than just taking a personality test, because the counselor will take in your goals, current status in life, etc. etc.

    what about teaching violin? most musicians i know are private teachers and sometimes teach at a local school.
  3. i dunno? i think its one of the hardest things to fogure out "what you wanna be when you grrow up" i am in the sciences and mathamatics i alwasy wanted to go to med school but lately i see so many amazing research jobs at my internship i think i may switch sometimes.......what makes you happy? you only live once do something that interests you or makes a difference in your life for the better
  4. Start dabbling! :smile: What hobbies outside of music do you love? You're the artistic type, so I'll make the assumption that you appreciate objects of beauty, such as jewelry and could take a metalsmithing or drafting class, for instance, to get your feet wet and see if you like it.

    Or, you could use your current experience to springboard into something related: perhaps a career in arts administration, i.e. as a staffer with a symphony orchestra, or a community music organization?

    If you're curious about the business world, perhaps take an Intro to Business course at your local community college.

    Basically, make a list of the topics and issues you're interested in, rank them, then starting with the top 1 or 2 items, take a course or volunteer and see how it makes you feel! You are young, have plenty of time to go back to school, and have the opportunity to discover something you LOVE. Whatever you choose, make sure you love it, so that work will be something you enjoy instead of dread. Good luck!
  5. I ditto the private teaching suggestion. Privately, not in a school. My mom is a piano teacher and she's got it made. The kids come to her in her home and she cashes their checks. What a great deal!