need advice on buying from mprs/ebay...

  1. **please let me know if this should be posted on the shopping sub-forum, and i will ask there.

    hi ladies,

    i am very, very new at buying lv bags from ebay, etc, so i am a bit paranoid. i am interested in taking the plunge because there are a few discontinued items that i would like to purchase. the advice i am seeking deals mainly with mypoupette sellers. how comfortable are you at purchasing from them? do you still get the items authenticated here on the board? also, if a seller indicates they don't want to provide a photo due to a potential risk with fraud; do you still bid with confidence?

    thanks everyone in advance!
  2. For me I'm about 80% comfortable when buying from an mprs, and yes, I still try to get things authenticated here even if the seller claims to be an mprs. Some mprs have been accused of selling fakes, esp. the really good ones. There are a couple that uphold their good name (such as let-trade).

    Normally if a seller doesn't provide pics that I want, I won't buy. No pics = no deal. Simple as that.

    Hope this helps! If you're interested in buying a handbag, I suggest you have it authenticated on the Authenticate This! thread...lots of people willing to help you!
  3. If i was you i would go on the mprs website and there you will find the real
    sellers not the ones who claim to be mprs.
  4. 95% Comfortable. I've had great experiences with MPRS members and there's only been one case of a member selling a fake...but it was taken off immediately. I don't buy from that particular seller since his/her items are ridiculously overpriced anyway, but if you stick to sellers like let-trade, authentic_lvlady, lvlady99, lvpanda88 etc., you should be fine. If they're bags from those sellers, I don't bother asking for help to authenticate, but if it's another seller that doesn't seem to have as good ("famous") of a reputation, I will ask.

    Not really. I wouldn't bid on an item in which the seller refuses to provide additional photos...usually with MPRS members, they provide enough photos anyway...but if they don't, I've never been refused the request for additional photos. For a non-MPRS member, if they don't provide more photos, stay away from that auction!!! It could be a sign that the photos in the auction are stolen!
  5. I would be very skeptical if a seller refused to provide photos because they are worried about fraud. Because of the nature of the transaction and value of the item, they should be able to provide lots of detailed photos to put the buyer at ease. If a seller tries to feed you that B.S. STAY FAR AWAY!! They can always watermark their pics for protection, and if they are still worried about people stealing their pics ask them to watermark a date such as "only for use by ______ seller until auction ends at 11/14/06".
  6. That is a VERY good idea! :yes:
    If sellers are truly afraid of the person stealing pics, yeah, all they have to do is watermark a bunch of stuff on the pic...if they truly want to sell the item, they should be willing to fulfill requests such as this for the buyer!
  7. the seller who didn't want to send me the date code pic was actually with mprs. i messaged back asking for clarification since her listing reflected that she would provide that info if emailed.

    i just didn't know how much everyone trusted my poupette sellers and if things are let go because they are backed by the my poupette site. and i didn't want to ask a stupid question.

    thanks for your feedback ladies. :smile: i feel a little more confident on my decisions on what to do next. and thanks for posting some of the sellers you trust!
  8. ok i'll suggest that in the future. i'll wait for the reply on the email i just sent. if she still won't assist in sending me the add'l info, i'll just move on.
  9. I have never actually seen this done by a seller, but I always did wonder why they would not simply date their pics to avoid having them stolen for fake auctions. I always thought that if authentic sellers picked up on this, it would cut back on a ton of ebay fraud. If the seller is really authentic and truly wants to make the sale they should have no problems taking an extra second to watermark their pic this way. We should start this new trend on ebay to make secondhand purse shopping more safe :yes:
  10. I don't really understand why sellers refuse to take pics of the date code...(unless it's because they've tried and tried and no matter what the pic is still blurry) because it's not like the date code is a serial's just a date code.
  11. No such thing as a dumb question, don't be shy! ;)

    And I have to agree with Karman; why no date code? I've seen far too many datecodes that look exactly the same and use the same date.
  12. Check with first if the seller is true in their recommended seller list. Should have pics! No pics = no transaction (agree w/ bernz84). Then, let our forum help you w/ authenticity. Hope you'll find good & safe transaction... Goodluck!
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  14. Let me add one important thing.....

    If you don't like cigarette smoke, make sure to ask if the purse comes from a smoke-free home. Believe me, it's hard as hell to get the smell out of the bag. I found out the hard way!
  15. Good point! As a non-smoker, that never occured to me, but it makes perfect sense. Thanks for pointing that out!