Need advice on building a jewelry collection

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  1. Hello all. My wife lost her entirely jewelry collection to theft earlier this year except for an E-ring and watch. She has taken it really well, but I want to try to rebuild some of that for the coming holidays. So I have been reading lots of threads, but need some help creating a shopping list. In some ways, it's kind of fun, as I probably like shopping for jewelry more than she does. So here are some questions:

    1) I love the look of the Cartier Love necklace:
    but there is a similar one from Tiffany's which is a lot less expensive. Here is the Tiffany one:
    Any thoughts on comparing the two? The Cartier one is probably overpriced, but I am sure she would really appreciate it. Could that be an everyday necklace?
    2) I already have purchased a Pandora bracelet and necklace, just need to buy some charms, so I have that angle covered.
    3) Was planning on getting the Return to Tiffany Bead Bracelet with enamel:
    4) Was planning on getting the 18K gold chain from Tiffany's. Seems pretty reasonable at $175. Haven't seen it yet, so maybe it is really thin. Was thinking of adding a Tiffany Key to the chain like this silver one. Would a silver key look stupid on a gold chain?
    5) Was considering a David Yurman bracelet like one of the cable classic bracelets. But now I am having second thoughts on that one. Don't know how much it will get worn. Any opinions?
    6) Was going to pick up some bangles from Allison Mooney as they are very inexpensive.
    7) Have a beautiful black pearl necklace already picked out.
    8) Still need more items!

    Any thoughts, comments, suggestions on the list so far? I also need to choose some earrings. Any particular place/brand to start looking for those? Not going to do diamond studs for now as that will take up too much of the budget. Any other items or brands you would consider on a must have list?
  2. You sound like a very nice husband, this thread came up in a search of mine (i was searching Tiffany's) I would get the cartier necklace myself :smile: but the silver tiffany is nice because it's casual so it can be worn everyday but you still feel like you have something special on.
  3. Aww, so sad that no one responded to this thread!! OP is probably gone by now =(

    But I think I like the all gold Tiffany interlocking pendant more than the Cartier one. The Tiffany necklace is only $800 and it's basically the same design but less in price!!
  4. =( sad that no one sorry to hear that ur wife's collection got stolen
    i like the two tone interlocking !=)
    and how abt these: ( this one is really sweet :3)
    or u can get a lock and a key pendent then get a 18K white gold chain~~and then later add more pendents to her collection for her to choose from
  5. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear about the theft :sad:

    1} I prefer the Cartier. I don't like the stamps on the Tiffany necklace. Yes, it can be an everyday necklace.:yes:
    3} I like that!
    4} I would not put a silver pendant on a gold chain, that's just me :shrugs:

    Does she have diamond stud earrings? Pearls?
    My "staples" are:
    -wedding ring and a collection of fun bands to stack or mix/match
    -diamond stud earrings
    -sapphire/diamond right hand ring
    -tennis bracelet
    I wear these every single day.
  6. I feel so bad nobody responded! I don't remember seeing this!

    Can you tell us about your wife's old collection?
  7. I do agree with Swanky Mama :

    - Pearls are essential. a pearl necklace would be amazing. Even if you get her a golden chain with one pearl charm.

    - A tennis bracelet is amazing, if you can't go with diamonds go with coloured stones.

    And to be honest, if I lost my jewelery collection, I wouldn't be looking for the expensive sellers ex. If I had to get one cartier necklace or a necklace and matching ring from Tiffany ---> I would go with Tiffanys.

    Good Luck Sox_Fan !
  8. What a lovely gesture - I am sure your wife will be thrilled! My thoughts to add to the mix:

    I would recommend some nice gold or silver earrings - everyday type studs.

    Howabout a pandora necklace - if you have got her a bracelet, that way, she can also use the charms on a necklace?

    I would also suggest a tennis bracelet - very classic

    Would you be willing to look at vintage jewellery/ second hand jewellery - may get more for your money and bit cheaper (I know some people dont like secondhand but if your wife's not bothered about that, you may be able to buy more?)

    Good luck and hope you revisit your thread very soon :smile:
  9. Oh agreed, very sad indeed both the theft and that noone responded to this post, now it does seem that OP has left and most likely has made the decisions on his own.

    You are a wonderful husband OP, it would feel great if someone did this for me. I would be devastated if my collection was stolen.

    On what to choose as you have most likely already chosen and it depends on her taste and style I would first think of what were her original pieces.

    All your ideas are wonderful; pearls are essential agreed and gorgeous, I would likely get Tahitian pearl earrings if you and her like black pearls and a necklace with a Tahitian but they are my favorites too.

    Pandora is a great idea too and Tiffany has some gorgeous basic pieces.

    Otherwise, what does she like? Does she like colored stones? Statement pieces or classic?

    I personally also love Swarowski crystals, bangles, bracelets, earrings, etc. but again it depends on what one person favors. Kudos to you for replacing your wife's collection!
  10. Sorry to hear about your wife's lost collection! But what a wonderful husband you are :smile:

    I see most posters have already offered some great suggestions. Here are mine and they offer some alternatives for other smaller brands that I am obsessing over:

    1) yes, in terms of bigger brands, David Yurman confetti ring (I think it's a classic and is great for formal and casual occassions and very flattering on most women)

    2) Tahitian pearls are beautiful and an smart investment, good choice, I think most women over 25 start appreciating the classic beauty of a great strand of pearls!

    3) I like Ninabengal's suggestion of vintage jewelry. There is something so wonderful about a piece with that patina that comes with years of being passed down and loved! However, agreed some women do not like vintage. But Chanel has some gorgeous jewelry and they're quite the collectible items!

    4) Not a huge Tiffany fan but agree that they have some classics like this bracelet that I just had to have myself (I have the necklace) but I find some of their stuff a bit too traditional:

    5) I am a huge huge fan and just love Me + Ro, they are a fun, feminine but organically-inspired jewelry line. they are based in NYC so I am dangerously close to them, ack but here is a piece from their new collection I just adooooore:

    6) Also always loved Helen Ficalora for her 'gold disc tags' stamped with an initial or sign. It's a simple but elegant style and a lot of friends I know love them. Usually they wear their kids' initials or their own.

    7) And a small label that I've been loving, Vale, that is also based out of NYC, they have some delicate but beautiful pieces. On top of its pretty diamonds, all profits of this piece goes to charity (Michael J Fox Foundation!):

    Of course, Cartier is always lovely, but the above offer some alternatives to the big box brands and big jewelry houses :smile:

    Hope these help!