Need advice on Beverly MC vs Mono


May 15, 2010
Hi everyone,

I decided to treat my mom and bought her the Totally PM and Beverly MM, both in monogram. She loved the Totally since she views it as an everyday bag, and while she also loved the Beverly she thought this bag would be used more for parties, weddings, etc. and maybe use it as an everyday bag once in a while.

We were out today and she saw someone carrying a small bag (perhaps the Judy) in white MC and she asked if the Beverly comes in the same pattern which I said it does. She has a very active social life and many activities can be formal at times and thought a Beverly in white MC would be a great party bag and could match everything.

What do you all think? Should she stick with the Beverly in Mono which I think can go both ways or go for the Beverly in white MC which would likely be reserved for mostly social occasions? If it helps, she's in her sixties and lives in Florida.