Need Advice on Balenciaga reds!!

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  1. Hi Ladies, This is my first post and I need all of your expert advice. I am dying for a red Balenciaga--either city or day/hobo--but I want to choose a good shade. I LOVE rouge vif from 2006 but it seems:confused1: very hard to find. What do people think about vermillion from 2007? I want the red to be really deep and rich and not too orange or light. Some pictures I see make the vif and the vermillion look pretty similar but others look different. What to do? Any advice will be appreciated. Also looking for tips on how/where to find bags. I bought a great black hobo from eBay but I'm basically an in-the-dark novice hoping to educate myself here.

    Thanks from Houston, TX!
  2. Hi! Welcome to the forum!

    I have a vermillion day and I love it. I don't personally think my bag has an orange tone but I have seen pictures of vermillions that did have an orange-y cast. I think each bag varies a little just as the leather does.

    There is a Tomato color for this fall that suppose to be a pretty nice red. You might want to consider that if you decide not to go for a vermillion. Tomato will probably be a little bit easier to obtain at this time.

  3. Thanks; this is very helpful! :yes: The vermillion looks great in Andy's pics. Where do you all get your bags? Are there online stores that are reliable? I'm not sure if Neiman's in Houston has Balenciaga...I think not.

    And what are people's thoughts about eBay? Good experiences? Bad???

  4. Only one colour – Rouge theatre from FW05
  5. My personally favorite red of all time is '06 Rouge Vif- it is a very deep red with blue undertones and absolutely no orange undertones!:tender:

    Here's my Rouge Vif Purse and Money to give you an idea of the color:yes:
  6. Marie- your ViF Purse is gorgeous! TXgirl -Tomato will probably be easier to find and it's a gorgeous red!
  7. I agree with the others... if you want one thats easier to find... then Tomato... you should check out Tooshies tomato city... its TDF! the tomato is the closest so far to 06 RV.... good luck!
  8. Tomato City does look very close to rouge vif--deliciously deep!! Can people tell me what year it is??
  9. Tomato is from F/W 07 :yes:
  10. I just looked at tomato on diabro and it doesn't look as rich as tooshie's awesome pics. Is diabro legit?? Anyone willing to look at their site and weigh in for me? Thanks!
  11. Diabro is legit. Good luck!