Need advice on Azur neverfull

  1. I have now decided that i want the neverfull as it is in my opinion one of the best design. Now i'm just trying to figure out whether i should get damier azur or stick to mono.

    It would be my first Damier azur but really worried about how fragile it is. Does it get dirty easily? Is it easy to look after?

    Whats the pro and con in having a damier azur?

    Please help me decide:confused1:
  2. is there an azur neverfull out yet??? no i don't think so...where have you seen that?
  3. No it isn't but i can imagine it would be look great. I was told it will be out in April. I'm contemplating on whether i should put my name in the waiting list.
  4. I think that the date is for the ebene...sorry to ruin it!
    But anyway it's gonna be gorgeous...if you can wait it's worth it!
    Good luck
  5. Customer service told me its out on April. I'll call tomorrow and confirm. Your probably right but i hope your wrong. I really don't think i can wait any longer than that.:s
  6. I cross my fingers that you'll get it...and get it soon...
    Keep us informed...
    Hope I'm wrong too!!! Good luck
  7. Its not the Azur thats coming out in April, its the Damier ebene sorry! Im waiting for it too!
  8. yeah the damier ebone is coming out in april. srry to say.

    i cant wait for the two though 8)
  9. I was told and the "lookbook" with dates of release show the damier ebene neverfull release date of June 1. Sorry all
    The azur will proably not show up until 2009. That is the one I want. Was not thrilled with the look of the damier ebene neverfull
  10. Yeah I was told June 1st for the damier neverfull. Maybe customer service got confused with the hempsted in Azur?
  11. i was told by my SA that the release of ebony is going to be april and azur in june.
  12. I love it in Mono.
  13. I was told that in April 2008 Damier Azur Neverfull is penciled in to be released in UK although they're not sure if it will be materialised. Dublin branch said they don't have the exact date for it so they haven't started the waiting list. :smile:

    For the first time one of the SA was so nice to me and said that they will put my name in the list without having to go in. yeah!!! At least i don't have to travel for 3 hours.:yahoo:
  14. I really like the mono too
  15. My store's lookbook (the one with the printouts of the bags, which is the most updated and accurate, not the hardbound one with glossy pictures) had 2009 for both Ebene and Azur. No month specified.
    Will be interesting to see what actually happens.