Need advice on an engagement ring

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  1. Hi, everyone, I truly need some advice from everyone here.
    I am searching a 1.5-2 carat diamond engagement ring. I searched bluenile first, they have many choices and can be made with loose diamonds. I also went to Tiffany, and they only have fixed set. And at my budget, around $25000, I probably can only get 1.5 carats, VS1, H1. (not GIA certified, but the SA claimed that they were certified by the Tiffany team themselves). I am hesitating...bluenile seems to offer better deal, but it requires shipping and I will not be able to view it in person. With such a large investment, I am not sure whether I can trust a mail-in deal? Any one has experience with Blue nile diamond engagement rings? How is the company?
    Thanks so much for your comments and opinion!
  2. I would go with Tiffany or another local jeweler, because you can view the diamond(s) in person before you purchase and examine them up close. Blue Nile doesn't have a great zoom feature. Also: if you purchase from a store, you can always take your ring back there for re-sizing, cleanings etc.
  3. I would try Blue Nile. Call on phone and have associate assist you. They will have pic of stone taken and sent to you for your review. This is what I did for stone I was considering. Also the price will allow you to get bigger stone depending on style as they are def cheaper than branded set from Tiffany. Also you can send stone back. You have 30 days
  4. Are those the only options you're allowing for? Why not look at places like Good Old Gold and Brian Gavin Diamonds and James Allen and High Performance Diamonds? Get the best diamond for your money.

    All of those will sell stones that are GIA and AGS graded, and will surely provide you the best quality options--WITH PHOTOS OF THE DIAMOND YOU ARE BUYING, if not a video as well, in advance. So you know what you're getting.

    Just in a 4 minute search this is what I found just in diamonds setting a max budget of 21,000. I didn't search for settings because that is easy, and I left you 4K for that. Do not discount fluorescence, and don't snub an I. When cut like these will be, it won't be any issue. But fluorescence is naturally occurring, tends to look amazing and will actually often aid the price a little because some dealers consider it a detriment--it's not. But take advantage of it. BGD has made it an entire brand in their whole company because so many people (like me) love it.




    (this one is a beaut!)

    (ooh baby!)

    These are all going to be amazeballs:
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  5. I love this thorough response. A+
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  6. so you like the diamonds from bluenile? that is nice to know. Thanks so much for your advice
  7. Wow, this is truly helpful!!! I truly appreciate all the advice !!! all the link are not only helpful for you, but also for everyone else with the similar questions....
    Appreciate it!!!
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  8. Thanks so much for your advice. This is truly helpful...
  9. You're very welcome! : )
  10. What about a trusted local jeweler? There are A LOT of choices between Tiffany and the Internet…maybe even go to a few and see if there is someone you click with…I would stay away from chains/the mall/etc …I would go to a jeweler in an upscale suburban town if that is an option.
  11. Me? Blue Nile is never my first choice. They're a good option for Canadians and folks in the UK sometimes though, because dealing with imports from US vendors can be a nightmare. They have outposts there, and can work easier there, but when there are better online options, why choose someone that doesn't offer photos of the diamonds they sell upfront without having to ask? All of these vendors I mentioned have their entire stock online, high res and magnified images and every detail of the stone right there. You don't need to worry about asking someone unless you are between a few stones and want comparisons or further information.

    I am also never going to recommend Tiffany or any similar high end brand over any other option like the web-based vendors I mentioned, except in a really rare circumstance, like the setting is very important, or the brand is very important. In that case, by all means, get the brand. That's not to say they're crappy, that's just to say there are better options outside of the brand for better diamonds. You can still get a great ring from there, you're paying for the convenience and the perception of high quality that they've built. So if that's your dream, I would help you select the best option from their stock, but again, that would never be something I suggest over any other vendor, simply because they do not offer top cut quality, and cut is king. Those big names do not value top cut quality when they select stones. They look at saleability at a profit margin over top quality--so what matters to them is cut/clarity/size combo at the profit margin they prefer, and cut quality is not a factor in that selection. It's why I reject 99% of the stones people looking at Tiffany stones will ask me about--they're all huge tables and deep stones with horrible angle combinations because they don't select stones designed for top light return.

    ANY of those stones I linked would be 100% perfect for you to wear. You could click, buy, pick a setting and be done. I didn't post a single dog up there. In fact, if I could, I'd be snagging one or two of those for an upgrade right now.
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  12. I agree with the posts to try a local jeweler. Do you know your setting material - gold or platinum? Will you need rhodium plating? Or buffing/shining of platinum? Your upscale local jeweler will do this at no charge for life. In addition, appraisals for life will be free. Maintenance (I needed prongs and new setting after 15 years) will be done at a very low charge when you are a customer. And if you buy other piece, you will have an established relationship.
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  13. Thanks, I am searching and studying local jewelers ...there are a few...trying to figure out their reputations.
  14. You can search on Yelp or ask around? Someone has to know something : )
  15. Thanks a million! There are so much infor in your post and I learned a lot! So that is why Tiffany does not go by GIA makes me skeptical when they use their own grading system, and charge 1/3 more money at least, for the brands I guess. Does all the local store usually use GIA grades? or it depends? I was told that GIA is better than other labs. Also, what is ideal table, depth and angle? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks a lot, truly appreciate your expert's opinion.
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