Need advice on a watch

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  1. Hi, everyone! I could use some ideas for an everyday watch to get. I think maybe it's time to graduate from the old Timex I've been wearing forever to something a little nicer. I am definitely not looking for something very high-end, probably in the <$300 range, since this will be something I wear on a daily basis and I don't want to have to worry that it might get a little beat-up. It should be water-resistant. I have been using a digital watch, and really loved having different time zones, but I think I can live without those things. I do like to have the date, though, and maybe an alarm function. I don't want a metal strap/band. Something relatively neutral in color would be good so it would go with more things. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Try to check out technomarine watches. They are pretty versatile. Perfect for everyday and water resistant as far as I know. Last time I checked, they had some styles at the $300+ price range.
  3. Have you seen Swatch lately? Or check out Fossil.
  4. My mom has a Citizen Eco-drive (no battery required) and I have seen some w/ a strap v. metal bracelet. If you find them on sale, they are usually under $300.00. I don't know if they have the date or an alarm function available though. Some watches by Accutron (a Bulova brand) seem to have the date and alarm function for women that might be in your range also.

  5. Citizen Eco Drive's are great watches! Great suggestion!
  6. Thanks for the help, everyone! I will check these out.
  7. I just bought an IKE watch from Nordstrom. Check it out at their website...I have the one from the Lifestyle collection.
  8. Try checking out Oris,they do nice ladies watches,all automatic and pretty competitively priced for the quality!! About £400 start here in the UK,does that convert to your currency as a lot more though? But if your not spending a vast amount and your not concerned with a keeper,then have some fun!! Swatch do some really quirky styles,the gents size looks very cool on a girl,and they are fabulously waterproof!!! They do some nice understated designs that would suit the work enviroment really well,check them out before you spend,at very worst you can just knock them off your list,or give you ideas for prezzies for other folks at a later date!!!!!!

    (The ladies sizes double up as fab trendy and inexpensive,quite hardwearing watches for style conscious kids!)
  9. Omegas are great, and I've got a Citizen that's beautiful--at the time (about 15 years ago) it was $125. Fossil has some cool watches, as does Anne Klein.
  10. Citizen and ESQ make some great options. Whatever you decide, I recommend getting one with a sapphire crystal dial window (instead of mineral). No scratches!