Need advice on a tough Birkin choice...

  1. So if you were lucky enough to be able to make a choice between say a new 30 Potiron Birkin in chevre or a gently used 35 Ebene Birkin in clemence, what would you do?
    Pretend you were me and had a BB 30 and a Black 35 both in clemence already...
    Now the 35 is great because it is big (and I like big), dark (i have two messy kids) and the leather is very durable....
    The 30 provides a nice pop of color and chevre is just so super gorgeous. On the flip side the color may not be quite as wearable as ebene and the leather a bit more delicate.

    Help!:shrugs: :wtf:
  2. PS...don't say both unless you will buy one for me! :smile:
  3. Absolutely, positively 35 cm ebene birkin...for me...

    Athough the potiron is more distict from the bags that you own currently...

    Why ebene...I wear a lot of black and denim...I think ebene is a subtle and classy compliment...

    Why not potiron...I have to say that I love, love, love this color...but...I wear too much black... I have tried potiron...and turned down kelly, lindy, and bolide bags in this color... I don't wear enough browns, tans, greens, whites w/ black to do justice to this color...

    Such a personal choice...I am just resigned to the fact that I am a dark bag girl...I am planning to try gold at some point...would love to see a gorgeous ebene...BJ is still a mystery to different it might work...and could wear w/ black...but you have your brighton blue here...a color I also like very much...oh...and maybe raisin???
  4. taking into consideration your current collection, RC - i would go for the potiron just because that color can be wearable and the chevre leather is just gorgeous and holds it's shape well.

    the potiron would be a nice addition to your existing color bag pallette (sp?) and picking another neutral dark color close to black and in the same leather would be a bit redundant (?). that's only my humble opinion......

    whichever you choose though, i think, will be equally gorgeous!
  5. Rockerchic, you already know I love Potiron....and feel it will end up being a classic/ it would be easy for me to suggest the Birkin 30 in Potiron Chevre.

    But, strange as it may sound, I am not a big fan of chevre. Everyone seems to love it....but I find it too something.......shiney/slick?? Besides that, it can show wear and scratches pretty quickly....

    That said, I've seen some stunning Chevre pieces on this board and elsewhere.

    I'd say go with your heart as you already have the dark pieces, Potiron might be a great addition. Sometimes it's better to let your heart sing rather than trying to work too hard making a decision.
  6. potiron in chevre gets my vote .... absolutely gorgeous!
  7. Potiron...I think you will love the Chevre. Although Clemence is great, Chevre in bags is becoming harder to find.
  8. Does it matter to you if your birkin keeps its shape well? I personally like the stiffer leathers. Colorwise, I would also choose Potiron.

    I wish I had this dilemma.
  9. My thought process is similar to PazT's. 30cm Potiron Chevre.
  10. 30 cm Potiron Chevre too :smile: I love the color!
  11. Dear Ms. Stacy:

    Definitely the 30cm. Seen that color and it is beautiful even in other style.

    It would be a great contrast to your other bags and beside, you can use it year-round and get your $ worth!!!

  12. POTIRON!!!!!! POTIRON!!! POTIRON!!! such a nice pop of color!!!
  13. Given what you already have I would probably choose the Potiron to round out your collection. The 30cm will be more like a handbag in comparison with your 35's.
  14. Rockerchic, the 30cm Potiron Chevre.

    And here are my reasons:-

    (1) You already have a 35cm Black Clemence. Ebene is dark, almost black. So I think the new consideration of a 35cm Ebene Clemence is too similar to what you already have. If you get the Ebene, you may become indifferent to Black and Ebene. You mentioned you like big, but maybe it's best reserved for another colour, for example Rouge H?

    (2) Potiron is a great neutral .... a pop of colour, but not loud at all. Great for all seasons.

    (3) Chevre is lighter than Clemence, and since you don't have anything other then Clemence, give chevre a chance. It is certainly more delicate but I am sure you can find opportunities to use this bag, especially at times when the kids are at school???

  15. i like chevre more than clemence
    i like 30 more than 35
    colourwise...since you've already got dark colours ones...why not getting something different
    and it's a new one...
    so my vote on Potiron 30