Need advice on a problem with my bag

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  1. I purchased a mini Preston this past a Sunday from Dillards. I used it for the first time yesterday and when I was in the sunlight I noticed some discoloration markings. It was the only bag they had in the black/white. Will they take it back.....??? Not sure what to do. Any advice?
  2. Just thought I'd add a pic.

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  3. Did you try cleaning it just to make sure it is a defect and not a spill? I don't know anything about Dillard's policies.
  4. I tried to clean it but it's the leather.
  5. If it were me and they wont take it back, I would very carefully apply some black leather die. I did it to a black tote some time ago and you couldn't tell at all. It came out great. Kiwi maks black leather dye. Good luck with what ever you do. Let us know.
  6. I would try to take it back. If they don't have another one to replace it, you'll have to decide how much you love the bag. If you decide to keep it, I think some black paint mixed with conditioner would do the trick. If you put it on and don't like it, you can clean it off. It becomes permanent after awhile.
  7. IME (and I worked at Dillard's for awhile) it will just depend on what SA and manager you deal with. Take the tags with POP label and the receipt and let them look. Even if there isn't another black in the store they can check the system and send you one, if they are so inclined. I don't think there's anything in their policy that will require them to return/exchange it but they very well may do it anyway.
  8. If they don't have another one and you want to keep, I'd try for an additional discount since its defective. Don't know if Dillards does it, Macys does. Macy's will also take a discount if you buy a pair of shoes that was on display. Its only 10% but every little bit helps.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I am hoping to go this weekend to see what they tell me. Will let you all know.