Need advice on a non-paying bider

  1. Approximately 2 weeks ago I sold a LV item for several hundred dollars. She contacted me and said she was sending a check. It's been over 8 days and I never received payment, contacted her and no reply so I opened an unpaid item dispute. She sends me an email saying her daughter purchased items from her checking and she doesn't have the $$ to pay. That's a bunch of crap because I would have my daughter return everything! Should I leave negative feedback with the chance that she will leave negative? I think other sellers should be warned but I have 100% feedback and would hate to have her do this in spite:cursing:.
  2. File a Non Paying Bidder report with eBay. That way you'll at least be eligible to get your listing fees back.
  3. I'm torn about leaving feedback.
  4. File a NPB dispute against her. If she does not reply to the dispute, you can leave her a negative and she will not be allowed to retaliate. Let me clarify: She can attempt a negative and be allowed to say whatever she wants about you. eBay will not remove the text of the negative she leaves you and everyone will be able to read what she has said but they will remove the rating so that your feedback number does not go down. I hope this makes sense. eBay will also attach a little statement underneath her text that basically says, Buyer did not repond to the Unpaid Item Dispute. Dont' tell her this, of course.

    If she does reply to the dispute, just let it go if you're worried about your feedback rating.
  5. Thanks, I opened a NPD last night so I guess I have to wait 8 days before I can re-list and get my fees credited:confused1:
  6. This is exactly correct. The same thing happened to me -- I had a NPB and I filed. She left me neg FB (the nerve!) but eBay removed it because she never responded to the dispute. Her comments are still there but they don't affect my score.
  7. You might want to wait a little longer, because the buyer may "magically" come up with the money she owes you since you filed a NPB dispute.

    If she does send you a personal check, though, please don't send out the item until you're sure the check has cleared. Also, if you do get your money make sure you send the bag insured with signature confirmation required to cover yourself.