Need advice on a non-paying bidder...

May 7, 2008
SW Florida
So I had a bag listed on ebay and someone with no feedback bid on it. The next day she then contacted me to say that she had been in a car accident that was all her fault and that she would not be able to buy the bag if she won. I responded and told her to withdraw her bid so that hopefully someone else would have the opportunity to buy it b/f the auction ended. She said she tried that and that b/c there was less than 12 hours left in the auction it would not let her. So of course, she won the auction and I sent her the invoice and have yet to hear back from her. So what should I do? Should I just let it go or pursue it through ebay as a non-paying bidder? I have sold a lot of things on ebay and never had this problem before. I guess now I know why some people only allow others with a minimum number of feedback to bid on their items! I feel bad if she really was in an accident, but that's really not my problem, and what if she was just having buyers remorse and making the whole thing up. I guess she really has nothing to loose being that she has no feedback, she can just open a new id...:confused1:
Nov 24, 2006
I would contact her to complete a mutual agreement form not to complete the transaction, and that way you can get your fees back.


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Oct 4, 2006
Here & There
Sounds like the infamous buyers remorse to me.
She had the ability to email you about her car accident and now she's gone awol.
I would state that she should contact you about a mutual agreement to cancel the transaction as suggested below, but I would want an acknowledgement from her.
Otherwise, you could file a non-paying bidder complaint after 7 days.
However, it's that wonderful new ebay rule that gives us sellers no recourse for flakey people like this but she could jack you and leave negative feedback saying you were not an understanding seller due to her "circumstances...."
I hate ebay today.....:tdown: