Need advice on a new suitcase!

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  1. I'm a college student that travels a fair amount, and I came back from winter break with a peeling/cracking suitcase that has a broken wheel. The suitcase I presently have is 28"-29", I believe. I'm trying to find a reasonably priced piece around the same size, and I don't know what to go for. I've been contemplating purchasing hardside luggage, but is it worth it? My suitcases seem to get beat up and replaced every year or two, and I feel like that's not right.

    Any suggestions are welcome!
  2. Get Eagle Creek-it costs a little more(but not super high) but it has a lifetime warranty.
    They are virtually indestructible and I love the way they are laid out.
  3. I have a samsonite spinner and it's been great so far! Macy's usually has some pretty good deals on luggage; wait for one of those one day sales (or a F&F sale) and you can also use one of the coupons they give out in their flyers. But check online as well, you never know when a site is running a major sale (and you can save on tax). You can get a great deal (more than 50% off) if you look around.
  4. Samsonite at an outlet store. Can't beat the sales and ours last and last.
  5. This is cool, I just read about it. I like how you can get it repaired no matter the cause of damage. Which suitcase do you have? I was looking at some of the lighter weight ones.
  6. samsonite is a good bet.
  7. My bf and I each have a 22' tarmac. That thing has seen 4 continents and some serious miles and still looks perfect. The zippers are amazingly strong which is good if you tend to overstuff like me. I think the 25' or 28 would be perfect if you always check your bags.
    He has the carry on and a duffel as well. He broke the strap on his carry- on and they repaired it quickly, no questions asked.
  8. Oh, and I forgot - how do you send it for repairs? And do they do free shipping or is that from your own pocket?
  9. I absolutely agree - Eagle Creek is the best! I have their Velocity line, and it's perfect - looks classy and new (even after three long international trips) - great room and storage (also comes with those Pack It folders) - and totally sturdy. I traveled four countries in Europe for two weeks only using their carry-on sized bag (and no, I didn't have to reuse outfits!). I cannot say enough about Eagle Creek and their entire travel line.....get it and you won't regret it. Their lifetime guarantee is just icing on the cake (even though I've never had to look up how to use it).
  10. i agree samsonite i love mine had it for 6 years
  11. I just buy suitcases at places like Marshalls and replace them when they start to look beat up :shame:
    I just got a really cute one from Nordstrom Rack... it's like a dark royal blue color and it's Swiss Army brand, so the only visible logos are little Swiss flag emblems (and I'm 1/2 Swiss so I was all about that LOL). It was only $70, so I won't feel bad replacing it in a few years.

    I've used Jansport, Ricardo, Nautilus, Travel Pro, etc... But so far though, my best suit case has been a little Etienne Aigner carry-on I got at Marshalls for $39. I've had it for 10 years and it's been on so many trips, but it still looks new!
  12. I asked my bf-he thinks that he paid shipping to them and they paid to ship it back.
  13. rimowa are my favourite, they aren't cheap but not too obscenely priced either. i used to have tumis but they kept getting really beaten up by the baggage handlers and repairs were really expensive (nevermind that they're really expensive to begin with), especially with the wheelies, so i'm replacing them with rimowa (they're much lighter too which is a bonus since they keep lowering the maximum weight you can check in :Push: ).
  14. I'm still picking out a suitcase, I'm so indecisive! HAHA.

    I do have a question - I'm probably going to just order one online, is there a site anyone suggests? It seems like Luggage Pros has the best value, and all the places I've looked have free shipping. But, I just wanted to make sure beforehand.
  15. Not sure if you are going to order Eagle Creek, but if you are ebags dot com is offering free shipping today on orders over $50. :smile: I have ordered from ebags before and not had a problem.