need advice on a new lv

  1. so i'm going to get a bag for the holidays. these are the choices:

    red epi passy
    red epi speedy (25 or 30, not sure)
    damier speedy
    chanel small flap evening bag

    i can pick one. now i might get it today because i have a big interview on wed and i can wear it to that. of those bags only the passy will fit a resume. but i don't have to wear it then i just want to. lol.

  2. Red epi passy or Chanel.
  3. I would either go for the red epi speedy or Chanel.
  4. the passy or speedy!
  5. Passy- I have one and love it..:yes:
  6. Go for the passy!
  7. I vote for passy too.
  8. Red epi speedy 30; unless you will think of to change that Chanel model to the medium classic flap or reissue :smile:
  9. hmmm... it might be passy then. if i get the job i am interviewing for i might buy myself a bag as a congratulations present so maybe that would be an epi or damier speedy.

    i love the idea of a chanel evening bag (not sure i want a medium- my mom just bought the large one) but seriously, i do not have the life to wear it....
  10. Chanel Chanel Chanel!
  11. That's tough, but I would say Passy.
  12. The Speedy is my pick for a daytime bag. The Chanel is a great evening bag.
  13. Passy - I went to school on rue de Passy so I'm biased :p And it's a very cute bag ! :yes:
  14. Damier or Passy.
  15. passy.....