Need advice on a gift for a friend

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  1. Hey Everyone, was wondering if you might share your opinions.

    I want to get a very dear friend of mine a Coach bag for Christmas. She's in need of a new purse, and I know she has always wanted a Coach bag.
    I saw a bunch of Large Maggie Raisin bags today at the outlet, and thought maybe one of those would be a good first bag. I also saw some very discounted Alexandra's in Lavender Croc Embossed and also Black Croc.
    Any opinions?
    I like the color and style of the Alexandra, but the embossed leather doesn't seem as nice as the leather for the Maggie.
    Any opinions?
    What would make a good first bag?
    And my friend is fine with sale items and outlet items -- she's a bargain hunter and would want me to have found one.
    I don't want to get her a MFF bag.
    I'd like to get a FP or delete for her.
  2. Hi,
    What a great friend you are!!!! I was contemplating the Black Croc Alexandra myself.
    Obviously you know your friend so would she like the Raisin Maggie or the Black Croc Alexandra more? I say Black just because it can go with everything. Plus the Alexandra you can wear over the shoulder or shorten the strap to carry on the arm or even cross body.
    The other thought would be to get her a Coach Gift card and then she can pick out her own bag. (My friends and I don't like the same style and color of Coach so that would be tough to choose.)
    Good Luck!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  3. I love Maggie. I think it would be a great first coach bag. The raisin is a nice color that will actually match a lot. Alexandra is nice too. I'd choose black croc over lavender if you decide that style will better suit your friend.
  4. For myself I'd like a Coach gift card as mentioned above. I like to pick out my own personal stuff and it would be fun planning how to spend it...
  5. You are such a thoughtful friend. Handbags are very personal - it's like buying undies for someone else, you really don't know how they feel about the pockets, the strap length, the shape, etc. I vote for going with a gift card and a cute accessory so she has something fun to open with the gift card...or a gift card tucked into an accessory like a wristlet. Then if she wants to put more money towards the purchase to get exactly what she wants, she can.
  6. i'd get her that black croc alexandra and include a gift receipt so just in case she doesn't like it she has the option to exchange.
    handbags are very personal in choice, but i'm imagining some of my non coach friends as being like your friend....if i gave them a gift card they'd never go to the coach store anyway (unless i took them). so that could be an option too: a gift card and a plan to make a day of it going to the coach store.

    but i saw a black croc alexandra this weekend and i shoulda bought it for myself waaaaahhhhh!
  7. I suggest you bring her in a Coach store and pretend you want to go shopping for a new bag. Let her walk around and if she picks up a bag and says, "Ohhh this bag looks great one me or I love this bag" then it's sold! :smile:)
  8. Go with the black croc Alex with the gift receipt. Not much into handing out gift cards to friends/family of mine, seems impersonal.
  9. If she's a purple freak, get her the raisin maggie, if not, go with the black alexandra. Either way, with a gift receipt. You're a great friend.
  10. You are such a sweetheart. That's so nice of you to think of buying your friend a gift like that. In my opinion, I would get her the Black Croc Alexandra. While I love Maggie to death, I don't think the colours are very practical. If your friend needs an all purpose bag, I think she'll appreciate the black to match with everything. I know people always try to match their purses to their outfit, and unless you know your friend's wardrobe inside and out, I would just stick with the safe colour: black.
  11. I have the Alexandra black croc and the lilac croc. Love them both! A month ago I bought the large raisin Maggie at the outlet. Thought the leather was gorgeous. Well, after using her for about 3 days in total, I couldn't stand it anymore and gave her to my niece. I just couldn't get over the 3 different compartments and one of the straps kept falling down my shoulder driving me crazy! So I recommend one of the Alexandra crocs!
  12. id get the raisin maggie, it is stunning and matches alot. your a very sweet friend!
  13. What a sweet friend you are! :smile:)

    How about going to the Coach outlet together as a girlie outing and let her choose what she likes? It will be fun for both of you and she gets to choose the bag she likes. You won't have to worry that she doesn't like the bag too.

    I love girlie outings with my best friend Viv :smile:))
  14. You are a great friend!! I would vote for the black Alexandra first, the raisin Maggie second, and the lavender Alexandra third. Black goes with everything and is such a safe bet. Especially with all of the ways that she can wear the Alexandra.
  15. I have both Alexandra crocs and I also love them both!!!

    I pick up that lilac bag and carry it ALL THE TIME.

    However, I thin the black croc Alexandra may be my favorite bag EVER.

    I vote (like I really have a vote here) for black croc Alex with gift receipt. That bag ROCKS!