Need Advice on a Coach Outlet trip!!

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am new to the forum as well. I love reading all the post and advice that is given out. It's so nice to get advice on Coach from people who actually know what they are talking about. I have been a Coach lover for years. I just purchased the khaki/mahogony signautre shoulder bag -large #11689. I love it It's so roomy, light weight and it has that slouchy look like the Carly. I purchased it at Macy's because the Coach store near me didn't have much. I am going the outlet store in Atlantic City at The Walk and I am on the hunt for the Hamptons carryall with the Zipper that goes all the way around the bag. Are the prices at outlet stores that much different than department stores? And does anyone have the Hamptons bag? Thanks for any advice!
  2. Hi,

    I'm new to the forum as well but I know a little bit about the outlets. I would suggest to go in with an idea of what you want and the retail price. This is important because not all the deals are great deals. There's still a savings but maybe only 20%.

    However, some of the deals are amazing! My sister just scooped up a Legacy Leigh bag that retails for $658 for $247.99.

    Good luck on your trip and please let us know what you picked up!
  3. Scooch-if you see something, pick it up and don't set it down! My outlet experience has been really great. However, there are bags I should have bought that I didn't and have kicked my self over and over for NOT getting. Have fun and post pics when you get back!
  4. I go to the outlet when they open - little less crowd and more attentive service.
  5. GO EARLY!!!!!! You'll actually be able to find items your looking for or see something you weren't. It's so hard for me to shop in there when it's crowded, I always end up walking out after a few minutes.
  6. LIke others said, go early! I only go on weekdays, and right when they open. I usually head straight to the clearance section and pick up and hold anything I'm even remotely interested in, because if you don't, it will get snapped up by the woman behind you. I always end up carrying a few bags around the store for awhile and pick out my faves from that. And yes, you can find great deals (like the $247 Leigh) but sometimes its hit or miss.
  7. I appreciate the advice too.
    I'm making my 1st outlet trek this weekend. :smile:
    I called yesterday...they don't have exactly what I want, I'm just curious.
    I'll find something, right?!?! ;)
  8. Everything everyone else said - go early, if you like something grab it quick - you can always put it down later and go back and check the racks a couple of times because everyone is doing the same thing and you can often find that someone has just put back the bag you're looking for - happened to me last outlet trip - had already looked on that shelf twice and turned around and the bag I wanted was sitting right there - I snagged it 2 sec. ahead of this guy who also wanted it! The prices can be amazing - know your regular prices and what items are on sale at the dept stores and go from there- I currently have 8 Coach bags and 6 were bought at the outlets anywhere from 40% off to 60% off - they are all $400 bags! Also, accessories can be seriously marked down, but it's really hit or miss.
  9. yea, I just got a great wallet for $80 and they had a legacy stripe clutch for 50% off, so you can find some great deals!!!
  10. do a double take. Make sure you make a second round. You'll sometimes see things you didnt see the first time. Good luck!!
  11. Call ahead if there is something you want and have them do a 48 hour hold. Then when you go there, don't tell them what you are there for, shop around do what everyone else said and then when you are ready to make a decision and compare the bags you have on hold then tell them you have bags on hold. I made the mistake once of putting something on hold and telling them when I first go there and they took my hold bags out and another SA put them back on the floor ! Luckily I noticed before someone else grabbed them !
  12. I called before they opened this morning to ask for bags I want and they didn't have any of them so I saved myself a trip and gas. One Coach outlet near me answers phone calls before they open, the other one tells me to call back at 10:00. lol I'm just trying to beat the rush.
  13. Good advice - I usually do at least 2 loops through the store just to make sure. It drives DH crazy! :roflmfao:
  14. I am taking a trip down to my nearest outlet (3 hour drive, unfortunately) this weekend as well so I called the store ahead of time. I was able to "pre-purchase" a Leigh bag for around $250 (from $658) and the Legacy shoulder bag for $160 (from $448) :yahoo:. They took my credit card info down and told me that as long as I can get down there within 2 weeks, I can do a phone purchase.

    I did call again today to see if they got anything new and the SA says they just got a big shipment of Hamptons carryalls in leather and signatures, in the large and medium sizes, so give your store a call and see if they've gotten these in. It helps to phone ahead, esp. if you're looking for something specific.
  15. I love the Atlantic City Coach Outlet - I find that they have some decent items and last weekend they had a table of handbags that were 60-75% off - I bought (I forget the name) cute clutch for about $60.00 after all the markdowns. Enjoy. But it can get really crowded from all the bus tours to the casinos.