Need advice on a bag?! Please!

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  1. Hi Can anyone help tell me whether this is a good piece to get at USD400? Is it authentic too? Is it hard to find? Thanks. Love your inputs.



  2. the pics are too small for me to actually tell if it is authentic... but yes that is a BARGAIN!!! i dont know the actual name ... its like called a beggars bag or something like that... limited edition ... every single fabric,leather,and canvas . louis vuitton ever made collaborated into one bag... yes it is hard to find an authentic one... but then again..ive never seen many fakes of it....
  3. looks like th bag is from [​IMG]authentic_lvlady[​IMG] if thats the case its authetic no worries.

    Otherwise on the price i think reasonable to everyone is different, it depends on how bad you want it, the shape/condition and how easy/hard is it to find this bag.
  4. The listing says whoever owned it NEVER used it!:nuts: The bag is NEW!!! I think if she is letting it go for US$400.00 - GET IT!!! It's VERY cute!!!
  5. this particular CDF model (Musette) pops up on eBay fairly often, but for $400 it's a bargain! though it might be smaller than you think. here's a photo from a friend to give you an idea:

  6. Great views.. Thanks...yeah it looks smallish...