Need advice on a Aurelia.....

  1. I am looking into getting an LV Aurelia. I can not tell which size I want. I would use it for traveling or school. Books and notebooks and that sort of thing... Should I purchase the MM or the GM and in which mulitcolour? Black or White? Help a fellow purse lover out!!
  2. I am moving this from Gen disc. to LV forum!
  3. I think the multicolor looks better in white for daytime! It'll be great for school!
  4. I would get black because I would be too worried that the white would show dirt. As for size, if you can go to the store and try them both on, I would suggest doing that. If not, order one (if it were me, I'd go for the MM first) and see if that's big enough/too big, if it's not, order the other instead.
  5. If you are going to use it for school I would suggest the GM size. It would look fabolous in white!:tender::flowers:
  6. the gm would be perfect as a weekender bag and book bag! both colors are great! black is more refined but white is more fun!
  7. Get GM in Black
  8. :yes:
  9. I bought the MM aurelia in white. I just like the white multicolor better- even if it is seasonal where I live. The MM is about the same size as the BH-if that helps you any. If you are wanting to use it for books and stuff you might want to think about the GM.:yes: Either way it is a beautiful bag!!:love:
    purses 075.jpg
  10. I love the size of the MM. But get the black GM if you're going to use it as a travel bag as well.
  11. Moyen modele in Black multicolore
  12. PGN, that looks lovely on you !

    For school though, the GM might be a better choice. I do like the white, but I'd be afraid of it getting knocked around - black might be more practical.
  13. Ok I have decided that I am going to get the MM in Black I do want this one for fall thats why I chose black, then if it is too small I will get the GM!

    Thanks for the ADVICE!!! I am excited, I will post a pic when I get my bag!
  14. The GM is HUGE!! I saw it yesterday on a woman in LV in Black MC. It's a really big bag!!
  15. Agree!
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