Need advice: non-paying buyer

  1. I put some things up on eBay (not handbag-related), and one of my auctions was won by a buyer with 50+ feedback, 100% positive. My auctions state that I accept Paypal or a money order, and that payment must be received within 3 days (I know that might be a short timeframe for a money order to be sent, but realistically I just want to be notified that a payment is coming soon after auction end).

    I sent the buyer an invoice, then a few days later received a response saying:
    "The only way I'll be able to pay for this auction is if you send a money request to my other e-mail address. It is <email address omitted> and I would greatly appreciate it. You can't send an invoice though as it will link to my account and I won't be able to process the payment since I am having a problem with PayPal."
    Her response was part of a forwarded invoice from a different auction she won, so I clarified which auction was mine and sent her a money request. That was a few days ago.

    I subsequently emailed her again and asked to please let me know what she is planning to do - I'd at least like to hear from her, and if it's a matter of more time before paying, I'm ok with that. I'm trying to avoid giving negative feedback mostly because I fear she will retaliate by leaving negative feedback for me. I currently have 119 feedback, 100% positive. I don't want that tarnished, and the auction is not a huge amount so I'm not in a time crunch to receive it. (I know, I know, most of you probably think I should leave negative feedback anyway, so that other sellers/buyers will be aware of this person.)

    That was a few days ago. Still no response. Am I missing something here?

    So, I'm thinking my options are:

    1. Leave negative feedback for her, report an unpaid item (what does this do? it's an option in the "items i've sold" section), and relist the item.
    2. Give her another week and decide then what to do.
    3. Give up on this one, don't leave negative feedback, but relist the item.

    Your thoughts?
  2. Also, since she forwarded me an invoice she received from a different seller, I contacted that seller asking if she has paid for her item. I have yet to hear back. I'm not sure what the point is of doing that - I guess I just wanted to know if the buyer has paid for anything at all, or if she's just ignoring my emails specifically.
  3. Give her payment reminder first then after a few days you can tolarate, notify her that you'll take further act, file report to eBay as NPB, NPB strike given then block her from all your auctions.

    I just got that similiar buyer who BIN my LV Epi Vanilla Speedy $659.99 then lost like ghost-bidder. Not response nor forwarded payment while it's passed 9 days. She has no respond to my payment reminder then I sent her I'll take more act and I got her respond & payment.

    Hope it'll help. So sad with people not honor their bid & humiliate theirself with NPB sign.
  4. a buyer technically has 7 days to buy. then eBay will let you file a npb. get your filing fees back and go at it again!