Need advice: Neo- Argent or Mono??

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Eden Neo- Argent or Mono?

  1. Argent-$2880

  2. Mono- $2180

  3. Neither- too expensive- would get another LV

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  1. I prefer it in mono.
  2. They are waaay expensive, but I'd go for Mono if I had the opportunity.
  3. Neither. Not cuz it's too expansive. But I like khaki better
  4. I'm a fan of all of the colors, but I think that the mono might have the most longevity in terms of being wearable since it's such an expensive bag. I, too, would love to own's lovely!
  5. ^Great advice MandB!
  6. I :heart: the Mono! Id get it myself but its wayy out of my price range right now lol
  7. I love the mono one. If i had the extra cash . . .
  8. my OP
  9. My favorite is the eden noe.
  10. Definitely the Mono! I can't wait for mine to arrive at my store!!
  11. Love the argent, and there is not much of a price difference. The Mono is nice, but not nearly as unique.
  12. Monogram. I don't like the striped version.
  13. Mono
  14. Mono