Need advice: My Leigh arrived! BUT...

  1. My Leigh arrived from JAX today (and one day earlier than predicted by Fed Ex, which is a miracle!). However the brass hardware around the front turnlock is kinda marred. First I thought it was just maybe left over sticky-stuff, but there's nothing sticky covering the hardware. I kinda tried to scratch it off w/my nail but it doesnt come off. Its not a whole big mess, but it is noticable to me. Do you think I should return it to the store and let them order me another one, or just live with it?
  2. I tend to live with these kind of things so I don't have to be without my bag any longer, but if you think it will bug you, you should exchange it. You definately want to be happy especially for the price!
  3. Thanks ella. I really dont want to be without it any longer either - but I also dont want the marks to drive me to distraction every time I use it! And yea, for $600 I should be REALLY happy with my bag, right? Maybe I'll bring it to my store and show them and see what they think. I guess it also depends if JAX has any more available (its the choc sig Leigh).
  4. I think that's a lot of money to pay for a bag that you aren't absolutely thrilled about. I say send it back and get another one that hopefully doesn't have the same problem.
  5. i'd exchange it...
  6. I think you should exchange it. For that kind of money, it should be in perfect condition!
  7. Ditto What TejasMama said.
  8. Well, if it drives you crazy enough to make a thread about it, I'd say exchange it. It would personally drive me crazy. You spend a lot of money on those bags, why shouldn't you want them to be perfect? And Coach will be really good about it. Now this is all if you can live another 1-2weeks w/o your bag!!! Lol.
  9. You might want to try and clean it with a damp cloth or even a dry cloth. I can't help you with the sticky but I do know that some of the vintage hardware has little black spots on it. I tried to clean it off but I found out its supposed to be that way. But if you can't clean it I would certainly exchange it! I know its a lot of trouble but you want to love it!