Need Advice..My first Paypal SNAD

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  1. Hi - I need some advice. I recently sold a Gift card on the bay. The g/c had an expiration of 9/30. The auction ended on 9/20. After 1 day, no payment so 2nd day I kindly emailed the buyer to pay by the end of the day as there was a time constraint on the item and wanted to get this card out to her ASAP. no response and no payment, so I offered to the next highest bidder. then a few hours later, she pays so I quickly retract the 2nd chance offer. I quickly message her and tell her that I will mail it out to her the same day. this was on 9/22. Next day, she messages me and asks to cancel to the transaction b/c she realized she did not have XYZ card to use with the coupon. (why do ppl bid before reading the complete auction??) I kindly told her that I already mailed out the coupon and that I stated on auction there were no refunds, and apologized. Fast forward to 10/7..she messages me again and said she received the item on 10/2 and that I sent her a useless card. The item was sent via regular mail ($0.44 stamp) which is what she paid for. She did not request expedited /priority shipping.
    This morning, I find out she opened up a SNAD with paypal ! I'm a bit pissed at this point as I feel I fulfilled my duties as a seller. She took a few days to pay..fine. I sent the item out SAME DAY as payment. I even messaged her and asked if she wanted me to email the online code to her first so she can use it. She didn't respond to those emails so I just sent the card out.
    I personally find it hard to believe it took THAT long for her to get it.

    I denied the claim and stated me side on Paypal ...
    Did I do something wrong here? To me, it seems like a case of buyers remorse.
  2. When was it delivered? Can you check the card and see if she used it? I think you are going to be SOL.
  3. that's the thing, it was mailed reg mail so i can't check when it was delivered.
    and can't check to see if she used the card since the # on the back had a scratchoff code.
    what is SOL ? guess it's gonna come down to he said/she said ?
  4. If she had filed INR, PP would definitely side with her, as you didn't send it w/delivery confirmation. With SNAD, you might have a chance - what is she saying is not as described, for instance? Just because it arrived on 10/2, doesn't mean the item you sent her is not as you described it.

    I'm curious to see how PP will rule on this one...
  5. I am betting you will lose. Once she files, paypal puts a hold on the amt of money she paid. You have to use DC or paypal automatically finds against you.

    SO:L Sh*t Out of Luck
  6. Iris, she does not have DC so she will lose. Nothing else matters.
  7. But the buyer didn't file Item Not Received, so the seller doesn't have to prove it was delivered - she filed SNAD, which means that the item she received would need to be significantly different from what she ordered - how is the gift card/coupon different?

    I'm not saying PP won't side with the buyer, but I don't think it's necessarily cut & dry.
  8. What is DC? sorry ...I'm not familiar with the ebay/pp 'lingo'

    right has not been escalated to an actual claim with PP ..just a dispute where they want the buyer/seller to work things out. They already put a hold on the amount that she paid.
    I have the all the emails correspondence..wouldn't PP want to see those if it came down to the claim?
  9. Yeah but if she said the value was $0 because she did not receive it in time to use it then the seller is going to lose.
  10. I find it hard to believe it took that long for her to receive it.
    Sent from NJ to Texas..I don't think it took 10 days!
  11. I never believe she only got it the 2nd (even though I am not at all familiar with US posting times etc)! Since she was already showing buyers remorse and waited too long to pay it is obvious she wants her money back this way. I am very sorry this happened OP, I am afraid Paypal would indeed side with her! :sad:
    Could you maybe ask her for a picture of the stamp? I am not sure it is the same in the US, but normally there is a date stamped on the stamp, on the day the letter was sent out, that way you can MAYBE check??
  12. DC= delivery confirmation
  13. she just opened the claim so I gave my side of the story to paypal..guess I'll have to wait and see now.

    I should ask her to provide a pic of the envelope since that would be date stamped on the day it was mailed. I can almost bet she would respond that she threw it away !
  14. Most likely the buyer wins. I hate selling on ebay but sometimes it is the only way to sell stuff rather than craiglist. But if you are a seller or buyer make sure you protect YOURSELF. Sure a seller has to please the buyer/customer but just make sure you have your tracks covered. I always ship with DC no matter how low the selling price is and I always make sure the shipping cost cover it. It's unfortunate that you ended up with a less than perfect buyer but I guess learn from the experience. Though, her claims does sound a bit off. I wonder how PP would rule on this one.
  15. Yea -lesson learned. it's not even about the amount of $$ at this point, it's the principle!
    I can't stand the fact on how some ppl try to pull this kind of stuff ! So aggravating!

    Oh- she said I can contact USPS to get confirmation of when it was delivered?? On a $0.44 cent mail?? I have never heard of this ?!