Need advice, money taken by fraud. Chloe ebay seller

  1. Hi,
    I am a member who reads and once in awhile posts. I 've got a huge headache and wondered if any clever ladies could help with this one. On Jan.24, I won and paid for a buy it now Chloe Betty w/cosmetic case on eBay. The auction was very detailed, the seller sounded really honest, smart, she knew handbags, lots of photos, etc. I was positive that it was the real thing. I paid her on Jan.24, she emailed me to say she'd received my payment. that was it....she never emailed me again. On Jan.26 I got a notice from eBay saying they had pulled all her auctions, she was suspected of some fraud. I emailed her to ask when she'd mail the bag, she never emailed back.
    On Jan.27 I filed a claim with paypal for a refund. Paypal says that she has until Feb.6th to respond. The seller, Connie Chu Lee, never responded to paypal messages, my messages, nothing.
    Since eBay pulled the auction listing, I couldn't even see it. Now I find out that in the listing, there was only a paypal buyer protection policy of up to $200 dollars.....I stupidly paid her $674 for the bag &cosmetic case. It looks like I am going to be losing a lot of!! Paypal says that they can't give me her home address or phone number, I'd have to get a subpeona (sp) from the court to force them to reveal her contact information.
    This girl, Connie, had perfect feedback, she even included a phone number for the store, the South Coast Plaza Chloe boutique, where she says she bought it. I called there and the manager refused to confirm the purchase.
    Does anyone have any advice for me? I really don't want to lose all that money and there is no reason that this woman should get away with theft.
    Please advise...
  2. Did you pay with a credit card? You should be able to get your money back from them.

    This would be better posted in the ebay forum for more help :yes:
  3. Unbelievable!! I was watching that auction! I asked her if she had the receipt, and she said no, because she was sure she was going to keep the bag, so she threw it away. Who in their right mind throws their Chloe receipts away!

    I hope you paid with a CC, that way you can do a chargeback if necessary.
  4. If you post this on the e-bay thread of the pf i am sure their are great people who can help. But the first step is to file a claim with e-bay and then also do a charge-back on your credit card/debit card for non receipt of goods.
  5. Do a live chat with Ebay and give them the auction number, you should be able to get contact information from them, you were the winner.
  6. Hi there

    Exactly the same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago and fortunately when I spoke to both Ebay and Paypal about it, they were very helpful. Both told me to email the seller and outline that selling fakes is a serious crime and that it would be reported to the police if a refund was not provided. My credit card company said the same thing so I emailed the seller outlining the steps I was prepared to take and it frightened her enough to give me a full refund.
    Hope this helps!:heart:
  7. so sorry this happened to you-i've noticed lately that if someone is not helpful on the phone be it ebay or whatever - it's seeming like a good idea to call back or email again & ask someone else - noticing that lots of times you may get a more helpful SA or customer rep - i'd def post under ebay thread as suggested & know it's a pain to ask the same ? to the same company but you could luck out & get diffferent responses sometimes from someone who actually cares & understands - best of luck to you - i have a feeling it will all work out! ;) my mom always sd the squeaky wheel gets the oil - dont give up!