Need advice! MJ Stam or Polina? Please help!

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  1. I really need some objective opinions on my latest handbag dilemma...
    I finally got my "dream" bag, the black MJ Stam, and while it was in transit, I was seduced by another MJ bag, the Polina hobo. Now I have both and can't decide which to keep. I only have a couple days because of the MJ return policy for the Stam is about to expire.

    Here are pics of both bags. I love the look of the Stam, but feel the Polina will, in the long run, stand the test of time and be more practical for every day use. The Polina is big and slouchy and has a cool fold-over top. Plus I'm feeling I might be too old (40+) for the Stam even though it compliments my wardrobe. Your thoughts??? I'm driving myself crazy with this...


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  2. You are NOT too old for the Stam! It is GORGEOUS! You should wear it with some serious attitude- it's hot! I actually like both bags, but think the Stam is more unique and is definitely one of those bags that you can put away in your closet and pull out a few years later - and its still hot! Besides, quilted bags seem to always crop up in fashion- I'd say keep the Stam!
  3. Absolutely not to old for the Stam. I'm 40 so I know what you mean, but it is not going to look too young on you particularly if it suits your wardrobe...enjoy it.
  4. Ditto. I'm over 40 and I have three! But the black is my fav! It's so versatile. Personally, I love the stam and it would be my choice!

    But, you have to think what you love! Sometimes when you order on the net and get the bag, the hype is over and you really don't like the bag as much as you thought. If that is the case, I'd send back the stam and keep the polina.
  5. I love the stam. And it's so hard to find in black... I have it, and am going through the same dilema. But, I think I'm going to keep it, because like jag said, it's probably one of those bags you can use for years to come.

    But on the other hand...if you don't "love" should return.
  6. Totally agree! I so desperately wanted the Stam--got it in Taupe, but the color just didn't do it for me... So I returned it. I've been looking at the Polina too. It's a nice bag. Just not completely SOLD yet--I need to see it in person. But I liked the simplicity of it. That's something to consider. Plain vs. Quilted. Go with what works with you.

    Don't keep it just b/c it's the "it" purse. And if you're "uncomfortable" carrying it, you won't use it or it WILL look odd b/c you feel that way. It's all a matter of attitude! We're NEVER too old.
  7. Thanks to everyone so far! You bring up some great points that did not occur to me (like how cool the Stam will be a few years from now). I'm still torn and I'd advise anyone who does not want to fall in love with another bag to avoid seeing the Polina in person. Pictures don't do this bag justice (the white Polina is especially stunning) and if I could afford to keep both I'd do it in a minute.
  8. No question for me - the Stam. It is a beautiful bag.

  9. definitely the stam without a doubt. especially since you can't find it anywhere now. it's a classy bag for any age.wear it with your favorite jeans and stilletos and show off that attitude;)
  10. Nobody is too old for a Stam. It's a MJ classic.
  11. What is the lining of the Polina? I was looking at them, but no one says whether it's canvas or suede....
  12. Unfortunately, Polina is lined in tan canvas. Not nearly as appealing as the suede lining of the Stam. Still I'm loving this bag. Perhaps I should keep the black Stam and sell last year's brown Guineviere on eBay so I can buy the nutmeg Polina on It just doesn't make sense to keep both in black.
  13. I'm 40+ and do not think you're too old for the stam. It is a classic-looking bag. I think it can be dressed up or down. I'd definitely keep it!
  14. Whichever your heart desires. LOL. I like the Stam too but the Polina is so cute!
  15. Two black bags is silly. I have a black coach and a black bcbg signature hobo. I'm going to try selling the Bcbg on ebay. I just don't use it.