Need advice - MJ Blake zipper hard to open/close

  1. I picked up my first MJ, black quilted blake with gold hardware, from the post office today and I LOVE how this bag looks.

    The only thing that I'm a little disappointed is the RIRI zippers are hard to open/close - I feel that I need to exert more than the usual effort to get it to move along the track...

    Any advice for me on how to get it to move better along the tracks OR will it just get easier with use?
  2. I have taken a candle (wax) and rubbed iton a zipper before--- works great! ;)
  3. Shoot! That doesn't happen on mine...maybe take a towel & rub it in dry bar it over the zipper..and keep opening & closing it to 'work it in'...not sure if it would work..but that's what I would do...GOOD LUCK!!!! And congrats on your bag!!!
  4. i was having the same problem with my new bordeaux blake. the zipper was so stiff during the first week or so. its starting to loosin' up now and i dont have as much difficulty getting into the bag as i used to. but the candle wax does sound like a good idea. good luck :biggrin:
  5. i came to suggest candle wax or wax paper too. works like a charm
  6. ok ladies i'm having the same problem with my adored black blake. as a result ive only carried it twice since i bought it almost 2 months ago. how exactly do you put the candle wax on?