Need advice: mini Alexa, mini Daria or mini Taylor

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  1. Which would be the most yummy of the following cross body bags? Pros & Cons would be greatly appreciated:

    Mini Alexa
    Mini Daria
    Mini Taylor

    I only need a small bag and I am, I must confess a Mulberry virgin (until about half an hour ago I foolishly thought my only choice in crossbody was either a mini Daria or the Antony (the Antony, I believe would be a little to big for my needs).

    I have viewed the above models online, but they are all so gorgeous - but I need to make a decision soon - I have a weekend away planned and need one asap. Modelling pics welcomed too.

    Thank you for taking the time to advise me, I promise to give my Mulberry baby a very good home :heart:
  2. Personally i prefer mini Taylor:yes: I just really like the style of it! And I thinks it's more unusual than the Alexa even though that's great bag as well:graucho:
  3. I'd go for the mini alexa, I've got two regular ones which are a bit big for day to day, but I really feel the need for a mini version for just nipping out to the shops etc!
    I love the proportions of the mini also it holds it's shape a lot better than the regs!
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    Having owned the med daria and the mini alexa in conker which i found to hold quite a bit and was deceptively spacious but i found it looked like a childs bag on me im 5ft 5 and a size 12/14 so sold it and was too small for my needs but may be perfect for you. I prefer the regular Alexa i have two and one O/S.
    I would personally go for the mini Taylor as i have always liked the design it is so classy and oozing with style and is so cute looking if i were after a small bag.
    Maybe if you are near to a Mulberry store looking at then irl would help you to choose. The mini Daria is lovely as well.
    Some prefer the mini Alexa and some dont. The Alexa is an iconic bag from Mulberry and a must for your collection or a first purchase if you prefer this bag then go for the Alexa first rather than the Taylor. Imvho. If that make sense.
    I wonder what you will decide. Cant Wait for your fab reveal.:cool:
    Have you seen the Mulberry Lily? that can be worn crossbody and on the shoulder. Such a classy bag imo i have 3 and it only carries the essentials.
    Which one are you swaying towards?
  5. My vote goes to Mini Taylor, I would say it's pretty spacious for a really small bag and easy to access with just the zipper and no buckles. But then I'm biased, I love it! However I do think the Mini Alexa is cute, it's just incredibly tiny when I look at it, but I've not owned one.
  6. Personally I find the mini Alexa overpriced for the actual size you get. It's tiny and I think you will get more room out of the Taylor and Daria.
  7. My mini alexa can hold pulse at the bottom and key, iPhone and small cosmetics (lipstick and pressed powder) on top of it keeping its triangle shape.
  8. I know its out of your list but my Lily doesn't hold cosmetics from above stuff. slightly smaller.