Need advice! *Long Story*- How to handle seller?

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  1. Hi everyone! I haven't started a thread before so please bear with me & feel free to let me know if I missed something!
    Yesterday I received an inexpensive item that I got for a steal. The whole thing only cost me $9.24! However, as soon as I opened the box I knew the seller listed the wrong size. It's a Tupperware container that was advertised as an 8 1/4 cup, but the one I received is a 4 3/4 cup. Plus, it was listed as 'like new', but is dusty and has scratches and some scuffs. It does look as though it's never been used though.
    The scratches & scuffs I can live with, and I wash everything before using it so the dust is no big deal. BUT, I wanted the size I thought I was bidding on! I contacted the seller right away to explain all this to him. OMG, he went off the handle and tells me if I knew it was a different size before bidding (which I didn't!) why continue to bid? He even said something along the lines of I'm CLAIMING the sz is wrong-so now I'm a liar! Then he says 'like new' includes dirt, scratches, etc. (Like I told him, I can live with that). And he tells me he paid more to ship it than he charged me & insinuated that I'm lucky he didn't ask for more $ to ship it.
    I email him again and tell him (as nicely as I can) that I thought I was bidding on the sz he listed it as & it's not my fault he screwed up on the shipping, so I wouldn't have given him more after already paying. I thought about it a little while, took pictures of the sz on the bottom of the container & emailed the pic to him (along with a pic of the worst scuff).
    This morning I get an email from him giving me 'options' :
    1. I candrive a nail through the lid and bottom of it and send him pics proving then he'll refund me $9.00. -or-
    2. I can keep it the way it is and he'll give me $2.14 partial refund (what I paid minus what HE paid to ship).
    Oh, and in both options I have to promise to NOT leave feedback. He also repeatedly tells me I got a great deal, why am I complaining?
    Sorry it's so long, but I'm confused at how to handle this. Should I take an option of his? Demand my $ back? Open a dispute (which I'd hate to do with this amt of $ being involved, plus I'd have to send it back-and still lose $ on shipping), just keep it, and leave him appropriate feedback? And what do you guys consider appropriate feedback? I have only left 1 neg so far and I felt guilty about that! I hate leaving neg's, maybe cause I sell also and hope someone would really think it through before resorting to that. (of course I don't treat buyers like this, either)
    SO SORRY this is so long!! I'm hoping I can hear from some of you, what you would do. I keep going back and forth!
  2. I would not considering doing option 1. After you damage/ruin the container, then seller could easily renege on his promise to refund and you'll be out the money and the item.

    You could consider doing option 2, since if you file a SNAD, then you'll be out the $$ to post the item back to the seller, and the shipping costs are higher than the item cost. Right now you have the item and it cost you $9.24. If you file the claim, you'll pay at least $5 to return the item. Paying $5 to get back $9.24 just seems like a waste of time.

    I would certainly be leaving a neg for this seller though.
  3. I would take option 2 and leave this seller the negative he deserves. Don't feel bad about it, he's acted like a complete ass and deserves everything he gets...
  4. ^^^
    I agree with the above, accept option 2 and then when you get your refund leave him a neg (since he was being rude)

  5. Thanks everyone! So nice to hear more opinions! I will keep in touch and let you know what I decided. I just had to take a step back before reacting. This sort of thing gets me so mad!
  6. He definitely deserves a negative BUT I would report him to *bay for making you promise NOT to leave feedback. He is holding that over your head in order to correct the problem.
  7. Jennie's Aunt, I guess I didn't think of it that way. How would I report him and do I send eBay the email he sent me?
  8. The only way that I know to contact *bay with this problem is to contact live chat and ask for them to give you a link to report the problem. I'd also mention that his listing contained the incorrect sizing of the item.

    The link to live chat is:

    Good luck!!
  9. Take the partial refund and leave him a big fat negative for being an *******.
  10. To me to send this back it wouldn't be worth the effort as we are not talking about a

    lot of money more inconvenient and annoying I would think.

    I don't like the option #1 at all. very out of order for a seller to suggest that you

    do that and I also don't like don't leave me feedback either.

    Get your partial refund.. and after that he deserves a negative feedback and poor rating

    Just who does this *sshole think he is?
  11. It almost sounds like the $2.14 is a bribe for not leaving neg FB. Sending the wrong size can be an honest mistake and forgiveable. Because of the price, I could even get over the dust and scuffs. What is inexcusable is his response to you. Ebay does not need this kind of seller. I would just keep the item, tell him not to bother with the refund and give him the neg he deserves.
  12. Yes, agree with the rest of the ladies, take the partial refund and leave a neg fb.
  13. Makes me think he KNEW he was not sending the size he advertised, actually. As for what to do, I'm with others -- tell him to keep the $2.14, report him to ebay for "feedback extortion" and give him the neg he so richly deserves -- not for the mistake, but for his attempts to bully you. How often do you get THAT kind of satisfaction for $2.14? :smile:
  14. A big THANK YOU to everyone that responded! I'm leaning more towards just keeping the item and leaving a negative. I just felt like the seller was turning it all around and blaming me for his mistakes. And these mistakes I could have lived with, but not the way he was treating it. I wish I knew about tPF in the past when I had problems with eBay! It's so refreshing to get others' opinions, you guys are great! Thanks for reading and helping me. :smile:
  15. Wow, please promise to keep us updated on this!

    Sounds like he's trying to play mind games with you and transfer the blame to you...I agree with everyone else, take the partial refund and leave a SCATHING negative!

    Actually, on second thought, I question why he is willing to force to you ruin the product for a full refund rather than return it? He can't be losing out on too much, so I don't see why he wouldn't want to protect his integrity and just give you a full refund???

    Whatever happens, you HAVE to let us know what he says next! This guy sounds like a trip!

    Good luck!