Need advice, lilac? blue? other?

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  1. Hi there,
    I am frequently on the Chanel forum and but love bbags and have had a few posts here. Currently I have a black and caramel hobo, bordeaux purse, and white and ink city. I'd like to add a splash of color to the collection for the spring and summer. I am thinking about a blue or purple but don't want a really hard to find color or something that routinely would go over retail. I was thinking of cornflower blue (or perhaps another blue) or the lilac. I love purple but am not crazy about pastels. I've never seen the lilac in person--would you categorize as a pastel or a richer color? pictures I have seen have really differed in shade. Also do you think that lilac would tend to fade or yellow? I definitely don't want a bag that is so light that I have to worry about that. Please give me your advice on color!
    thanks so much!
  2. Hi Rockerchic !!!
    Welcome in Bal Forum to a Chanel Expert !!!

    If you already have an Ink with Purple overtones, and if you're afraid of light colour (so most of 06 Lilac specimens are not for you)
    then go for BLUE !!!!
    I would say : Cornflower or Blue India if you like Carribean Sea ;)...
    French Blue would be maybe too bright for you !!!
    But I think Bleu Glacier in March will be TDF !!!!!!!!!!
  3. That is so helpful...I had a feeling that the blue might be better for me. I will check out those colors as well as look forward to the bule glacier!
  4. Blue India is beautiful!:yes:
  5. If all you're after is a blue and you're indifferent of whether it's a colour from a previous year - I'd say check out the blues that are in the SS'07 collection to see what tickles your fancy!
  6. Ditto! BI is such a great all-around/everyday blue--not too bright but not so light it gets dirty.
  7. How does Blue India differ from cornflower?
  8. rockerchic.... I have blue india and I love it.... also, how bout waiting til march for the dusty turqoise....
  9. bi is lighter and brighter then cornflower. i love cornflower but that's a biased opinion because i have a cornflower city. I like it because it goes with a lot of neutral colors
  10. hi rocker,the leather on the blue india is generally better than cornflower, although there are individual exceptions... blue india is very versatile for a blue. sky blue is also nice, but more pastel than blue india.:smile:
  11. Check out my blue Twiggy

    Its not too bold, not to dull... perfect

    The colour is even better in person...

    I'd go blue

    I personally dont dig the Lilac... I dont know why

    Its probably because I've just seen too many around in that colour so I guess I'm Lilac-ed out...
  12. thanks so much for all your wonderful advice!! I am definitely sold on blue! and will check out the new blues coming out for spring as well as keep my eye out for the blue india or cornflower. :smile:
  13. What do you think about the french blue, if you want color this is another option. It's bright but a great spring/summer color!
  14. French Blue is absolutely TDF! bright and saturated, it's like electric blue but with class ;)
  15. cornflower kinda reminds me of the new 07 cruise coco cabas in the teal. They are almost the same blue, like a blue jean color IMO.