Need Advice is PT too big ?

  1. My heart was set on buying a blue or grey colored City
    (Cornflower, Blueberry, Grey, Blue India) but I just found out that no one has a blue/grey City in stock, but I could get a Blueberry Part-Time

    I've never seen one but I was looking at the dimension and it appears bigger than the City.

    Do you think Part-Time would be too big for someone 5'1?
    Does anyone have a picture of a part-time being lovely worn by someone?
  2. hmmm can you try it on before you decided or will you buy it online?
    i think it's okay for 5'1
    it's actually depends on your total outlook instead of your height :P
    good luck!
  3. 0o0o0 i just LOVE big bags!!! I'm 5'1 too but i dont have a part time ..... yet :biggrin:
  4. Do a search on in this forum, there were a number of threads on Part-time in the last week or two, including plenty of pictures.

    There were definitely a couple pictures showing the Part-time on a 5'2" lady, it looked lovely on her.
  5. Thanks. I just realized that when I was doing a search
    earlier I accidently typed in Part Time not Part-Time so I didn't find anything.

    hr.. I give up I'm going to just buy the Blueberry PT and will patiently wait on the waiting list for the City I want.

    ack I just realized in my original post I wrote wearing a bag not holding a bag..:shame::shame::hysteric:
  6. dear did u try emailing Aloha Rag and asking them about the colors u want as city??? :confused1:
  7. Yes AR told me that they were sold out of every color I wanted in the City :crybaby:
  8. oh dear sorry to hear that :crybaby:
    hope u find what u are looking for :sad: or lO:huh:ove the part time style :yes:
    either way.. good luck dear.. keep us updated :flowers:
  9. Saphynne,

    If you don't mind the extra work, call Neiman's and Barney's around the country. You can find numbers for their branches on their websites.

    If you have a Neiman's locally, just call your local SA and have them check their entire inventory (including all other branches nation-wide). They will get any bag any where shipped to your local store with no charge.

    If you don't have a Neiman's locally, then you may have to do the dirty work yourself (calling all the branches), unless you find a nice SA somewhere who's willing to do it for you. Good news is that if you find a bag, you don't have to pay sales tax on it. But you do have to pay shipping.
  10. I had my heart set on a city too, for my first Bbag purchase. I really wanted a black city. But I saw the PT and was hesitant, I thought it was way too wide for me and made me feel shorter, I'm 5'2". However, I slept on it one night and came back deciding I had to have it. Oh, and it's Camel, another thing I hadn't planned on for my first Bbag adventure. But I am very very pleased and still enjoying my new bag glow!

    Oh, I posted pics before, you can search my posts to find them. My favorite thing really is the fact that the strap is longer than the City's strap. I love wearing it on the shoulder or messenger style, very comfortable.

    Depends on what your style is and how you like to carry your bags. This was my first "big" bag. I usually carried small ones and I have adjusted quickly. However, I find that this bag holds A LOT and sometimes I feel like I should carry more stuff around, like most other girls!!

    It's a bit wider than the City and a bit shorter (top to bottom), it's also deeper (front to back). Hope this helps!
  11. I found my Blueberry City at Bal NY a couple weeks ago - she said they had 10 then
  12. Thanks for all your feedback :smile:

    I prefer HUGE bags because I work a lot and love to stuff them full of stuff.

    I slept on it and dreamed about it then decided that I will just get a blueberry PT and then wait for 07, then get a City or whatever replaces their mini twiggy. :shrugs: Then again, I may change my mind by the time I sleep. My bf told me to think about it and order it late at night.

    It's sad for the past week all I have been doing is noticing people carrying their gorgeous Bbags. Just today, I saw a Dark Green ( Sapian?)City, Black Mini Twiggy, Cornflower City(I was so jealous!).
  13. I like the wide & height, but dislike the thickness, its thick at the bottom, and gets thin at the top, and i dont like the triangle-ness on the sides.
  14. Bal_newbie: What is the length of the part-time strap ... would you do me a big favor and measure the leather part of the strap?