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  1. Hi everyone! So about a year ago I received my grandmother’s diamond band. I love it and the sentiment of it and as a result really stopped wearing my own set (it is princess cut). I had my engagement ring turned into a pendant which came out beautifully. Now I’ve also received my great aunt’s engagement ring. The thing is the two family pieces don’t really go together, as you can see below. To make things even more confusing I like the delicate swoopy look of the engagement ring, I just don’t think it goes well with another band. I’d love to know your opinions, especially if you own a similar four or five diamond band. What kind of engagement ring have you paired with it? Should I reset the inherited solitaire? It’s not the best quality diamond but again, I am sentimental. Thanks in advance!
    6F6F762B-EF26-4C6E-9E9E-95193C1F4E3A.jpeg 5568AD2E-FC25-4F10-AD72-D41BB862A127.jpeg
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  2. Wear the solitaire on your right hand.
  3. I guess I should have mentioned that I have a different ring of my grandmothers that fits my index finger as well, and a middle finger ring I wear most days. I’m a bit short on fingers lol
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  4. In my opinion, it looks nice together and it's unique.
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  5. i'd reset the solitaire!
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  6. I agree
  7. Also suggest resetting the solitare.
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  8. I like it the way it is. For sentimental reasons.
    But if you are looking to modernize, then I absolutely see the five diamonds set in one ring with the slightly larger solitaire in the center flanked by two of the smaller on each side.
    So many different designs you could use to make that sing!
    It could be retro/vintage in feel with intricate metalwork or totally modern in a sleek platinum setting or traditional with the center stone haloed and the side stones as accents.
    Anything you want....
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  9. I'd personally wear the diamond band as a right hand ring since I like to switch things up on that hand.
  10. If you’re in the US, you might want to check out Studio Remod which specializes in resetting vintage jewelry. You could turn the stones into a unique piece you love!
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