need advice im dying my hair red!

  1. I want my hair red colored i have dark brown hair do you think it will look good on me? and i dont want a perminate dye so whats the best dye i can buy at a beauty supply store or target that will make is RED RED but look natural red and wash out in 2 months or less thank youuuuu
    coke 12.JPG
  2. are you looking for a red like this?
    ^ garnier nutrisse 100% color intense auburn. (they have a good line for reds).
  3. i think you will look great with red hair!
    i recently died my hair red and I love it!!
  4. this probably isn't what you want to hear, but IMO, red is not a color that's wise to try for yourself. if you really want to be a true redhead that bad, have a professional do it so that you get a shade and tone that flatters your skin and eyes - you have to wear it every day, after all. also, semi-permanent red dye looks terrible when it starts to fade. i've had lots of friends end up with quasi-pink tints to their hair.

    i think red would look good on you, though, and i'm a big fan of redheads lately - i just changed over to a very, very dark brown with coppery undertones myself. i'm glad i had a pro do it, though, because the color she did has a ton of dimension to it and is perfect for my skintone. it also makes me eyes look SO green.
  5. i wouldn't do it. red is so hard to maintain. i went red a few years ago -- more like will and grace's debra messing's hair and it was so hard to maintain. it required getting it colored about every 20 days because it would start to lose it life and look flat. i am blonde and i know it is really hard to hold red in blondes so i don't know if that makes a difference.

    i love-love-love red hair and so wish i could wear it!!