Need advice: how to "cheat"

  1. Has anyone seen the Prada Fairy Bags? They're part of the February ad campaign and I think they are adorable. A couple of you know exactly what I mean. When I saw them, I fell in love and contacted an SA I know at Store A. He's sweet but every time I pop in, he keeps asking for my contact info because he's misplaced it. So when I told him I liked the bags, I didn't really trust him to remember and reserved them at Store B. Do I really need to tell you he left me a voicemail at work last night to tell me they got a very limited number in?

    So now I'm thinking of all the alternatives:

    1) Go see the bags at Store A. Buy the one I want just in case store B doesn't get any (because they're that limited) and if Store B gets, just return the one I waitlisted for at another NYC location.
    2) Go see but don't buy and hope that Store B gets them in.
    3) Break out in a cold sweat and pimples thinking about Alternatives 1 and 2.

    What is the proper handbag etiquette, gang?
  2. I say if you snooze you loose. Go get the bag where ever it's available and worry about the other one later. You can always return, lol!
  3. Personally, I would go to store A and look at the bags, and if you find one you want buy it. Then I would immediately call store B and ask to be taken off the list... This way you not only get what you want, but you don't end up possibly damaging any relations at store B. Plus someone else on their list might get lucky, as they would be taking your old spot!:p
  4. Problem solved. Store A got 3, Store B got 0. Restricter gets to sleep at night.
  5. I wouldn't worry too much no matter what you do because the bag will be sold to someone else. :tup:
  6. One thing my mom always told me was if you like it that much, buy it. You can always return, but you NEVER find it again once you pass it up once.
  7. Hi again, restricter. ;)

    I don't how it is with Prada since I just recently defected over here from Balenciaga, but if you waitlist for a bag, this is not an offer to buy. When the bag comes in, the store calls you and tells you and you have 24 hours to decide to buy it or not (Bal NY does this). If you don't call back in 24 hours, the bag goes to the next person on the waiting list. So you can reserve it at 2 stores, and it's no big deal if you decide not to buy one of them.

    But, wait, this SA at store A sounds kind of disorganized. If it were me and my obsessive-compulsive ways, I would drop by around the time the bags are supposed to come in (I believe you said mid-Feb in your other post) and see if they're there. Because what if the guy quits or loses your info again, and you never get your bag?

    I cannot wait to see more pics of the bag, please (PRETTY PLEASE) post pics of the bag you get!!!!! :flowers: I for one love the Prada collection this fall (bags, clothes, shoes, everything). It's so unique.
  8. ITA!!! I kicked myself for not following this advice last year!
  9. I KNOW! It's so true.
  10. Love this bag! It must looking amazing in person. Have you gotten it yet?
  11. Diva, got it last Friday. It's HOT!

    Kabella9 - My mom always told me, if you like it buy 2 so you have a spare or buy it in every color.
  12. Ahh, this accounts for why my shoe closet is always full! :nuts:
  13. I was so worried about this last week but from what I've been seeing, only the NYC stores seem to be getting these bags. I never once heard from the Store B. Hmmmm.
  14. My take on this bag after being in NY today to check out a lot of the stores was get on a wait list anywhere you can -- all the slots were taken on the 57th Street list today -- didn't ask at Fifth Ave or Madison as I didn't like them in person. From what was explained to me, you get on the list, leave your credit card imprint, and they will call you before running it when the bags come in. People are waitlisting so it's not as if they can't sell the bag if you back out.

    Glad you got yours and like it -- that's what's important !!