Need advice - How do you 'treat' a leather jacket?

  1. I just got my Mike and Chris Kian Donovan Jacket hoodie (yay!) but noticed that the sleeves have a quite a rough/dry finish to them. I was wondering if it had gotten wet in transit or something - but the jacket itself has a similar finish, though not as rough/dry than the sleeves are. I know that on the site i bought it from it said that it had a 'distressed' finish, but i think the sleeves are bit over-distressed!

    I'm tempted to oil it or moisturise it just so i can get it a bit softer - i have the Maxwell Mike and Chris Hoodie and the leather is very different. The Maxwell is so buttery and soft.

    Can anyone recommend any good leather products for jackets? Moisturisers or treatments or something like that?

  2. I don't have this exact jacket but I have a leather jacket w/ a similar dry, distressed and boarderline "cracked" look. I used a leather lotion/conditioner and it seemed to moisterize the leather but didn't do much for the overall dry look.