Need advice!!! help! -----my damier speedy 30--keep or exchange? pics>

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  1. I dont know if im loving this bag 100%. Do you guys think its too small? should I exchange for the 35? or keep it?
    I also have a mono 30 , which ive added a pic of as well.
    thank you! :smile:
    (I am super 100% happy with my palermo pm thou that I just bought its a keeper for sure!)

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  2. I'm a fan of the 30 so I love it.
  3. I think that it looks beautiful on you :yes: However, the bottom line is that it is you who is carrying the bag. If you want the 35, get the 35 :flowers:
  4. Perfect!! Looks super!!
  5. also not sure if it will be too saggy if I go bigger in size. I know its the trend now to have bigger bags.
  6. I like the 30. I think the 35 is a bit too big.
  7. I think ill take some better pics to be sure and post tomorrow. :smile:
  8. I think it looks great! But if your not happy with it, get the 35! :smile:
  9. I think the 30 looks perfect, but you have to chose which size you think you'll like the best. Do you like the size of the Mono 30 you already own, or ever wished it had more room?
  10. I wished my mono was a touch bigger, just not sure how much bigger the 35 is. hmmmmm, sheeesh im confused now. Maybe I should just get a new mono speedy in 35!
  11. I love it!
  12. Is it the size or the pattern that bothers you? I've discovered I just don't "feel" the Ebene pattern but want to keep one Ebene bag as a bad weather day bag. I have the Ebene Speedy 30 and I think the size is perfect.
  13. Go for the 35 since you already have the 30.
  14. I love it on you...the 30 is perfect!!!!
  15. Can you make it to the store to try them out? Fwiw, you look great with the 30 :smile: