Need Advice From The Experts About BIN/Unconfirmed Address

  1. Ladies...unlike myself, you are the pros so I'm again turning to you for advice. After listing a bag several days ago, an Ebayer with 0 feedback contacted me asking for shipping costs to Greece. I politely thanked her for her interest, however I stated that I did not accept bids from buyers without any feedback. Had she placed a bid, it would have been blocked anyway. She responded saying that her BF would pay for it through his PP account. Although I made it clear in my auction description that I ship only to confirmed PP addresses, I reiterated my policy to her. Wouldn't you know...he paid for it and the shipping address was unconfirmed-he says it was hers. In responding to my message, he told me he was buying it as a gift for her and added that he wanted it gift wrapped (no offer to pay extra). Okay-so I will giftwrap free of charge but I insisted on a confirmed pp address. He sent me his address but I advd him that I could only ship after being notified by PP that this in fact is his confirmed address. Throughout my many communications with him, he appeared to be confused and asked for my assistance with PP. Again...very politely, I explained that he needed to ctc Pp either by email or phone. I immediately refunded his payment and suggested that he start over today. Now this moring, I find a message from him saying that he has resubmitted his payment through PP -also confirming his address. When I sign onto my PP account, it is clear that no payment has been made. At this point, I'm exasperated and confused as to what to do next. Does this sound like a scam to you? What would you do next? Should I just tell him the deal is off? Thanks for your always!!
  2. Hi! Honestly, I'd write him off. He says there was a payment made but you dont see the payment? Ehhhh, no-go for me on that one.

    Confirming your address is pretty self explanatory too. He should have no problem figuring out how to do that! It sounds like he is pulling some kind of dog and pony show.

    You gift wrapped it for free? That is so sweet of you! If a buyer asked me to gift wrap, I'd be like uh, ok and then I'd send a paypal money request for $25 bucks!:lol:
  3. Sorry's early and I'm still half asleep. She didn't bid...he did and he has 9! Thanks so much for your help. In my gut, I know that something is amiss. Here's his last message to me several hours ago....

    How do I proceed at this point?:confused1::confused1:
  4. paypal "looks" confusing when you get a payment refunded. he may think that he has paid again when actually paypal holds the money for a few days before releasing it back to him. Honestly they dont sound like scammers to me, but if you're not comfortable, don't do it
    I'd wait a few days and see if he can figure out his paypal situation and actually resubmit and have a confirmed address.
    Paypal IS very confusing for new users imho.

    Good luck
  5. Nope, its a no-go for me. You said no to her, she circumvented you and had her BF bid, his address is unconfirmed and now he says he paid you but you dont actually have the payment? Uh uh. Little things adding up a little too much, KWIM? Cancel this transaction, refund any monies he paid you, and say sayonara. Better to do this than to have to deal with the possibility of an item not received dispute later and possibly be out the money and the bag!

  6. GUNG..I have to agree with you. My DH always says that 'if if walks like a duck and quacks like a duck'---well, you know what I'm saying. Even the PP rep I spoke with last night thought the situation strange!!! I refunded his money and checked just seconds ago w/o seeing another payment. Oh, I'm so nervous about this that I changed my password! LOL! How do I cancel the transaction with eBay and what do I tell him? Sorry but I'm such a newbie to selling on eBay.
  7. I really think that is the wise thing to do bagachondriac!

    To cancel the transaction, do the following: make sure the entire amount is refunded. Then go into My eBay, to sold items, and in the little drop down box click on "file unpaid item dispute" (I know it sounds weird but this is how it works)

    When you click on that, you should get an option that says "we have both agreed to cancel the transaction"

    You get your listing fees back too. He can choose to answer or choose not to, but either way you get your fees back and the listing is canceled.
  8. However, if he is wanting to be an ass about it, he can choose to say he does not agree to cancel the transaction but in my experience, most buyers just dont respond, after they get their money back, and the dispute will close automatically.
  9. You're a doll! What would I do w/o you GUNG?? Do I need to communicate any of this to him...or no? My ulcer thanks you...LOL!! Seriously, I'm recovering from one and it's situations like this that I simply don't need. I so try to give the benefit of the doubt to everyone, but from the very start my gut feeling told me to back away! Guess I should listen to it more often, huh? Thanks again!:tup:
  10. Well, you dont HAVE to say anything but I would soften the blow by sending a message saying something like

    "I really appreciate your business but for your safety and mine, I cannot ship to an unconfirmed address. For this amount of money, I certainly would want to ensure that your bag got to you in a safe manner, and unfortunately with unconfirmed addresses, there is no way of guaranteeing that. In any event, I would like to thank you for your great communication and for being so accommodating, and I know you will end up buying your girlfriend a gorgeous bag,

    Best, Bagachondriac."

    Blah blah.

    By the way, I hope you feel better soon!:heart::yes:
  11. Heehee!! This is sooo funny-I was about to ask you about what to do next if he were to insist on completing the transaction. It's worth losing the fees-I am not comfortable with this transaction the least bit and will gladly forfeit them. Having just revisited PP and seeing no further payment confirms my suspicions-don't you agree?
  12. Yes- it seems more than a little suspect to me. I *think* even though you refunded him and paypal put a hold on it, if he were to have resubmitted payment, it would still make it to you instantly. Either way, the dude lives in greece, and his address is unconfirmed, and on top of that, his GF was sneaky and decided she would circumvent your rules for the listing. That might not seem like a whole lot but it is enough for me!

    I dont think he will insist on completing the transaction but if he does, then you wont get your fees back. Honestly, though I don think he will, so long as he gets his money back and sees that you are not messing around about not shipping to an unconfirmed address.

    By the way, who in the world says oh by the way, I want my ebay item gift wrapped!?:roflmfao:
  13. What would I do w/o you GUNG? :heart::heart: You have been so incredibly helpful to me on more than one occasion and I thank you! I am feeling much better thank you-TBH, I was relieved when told that I had an ulcer and not something more serious :tup:
  14. Oh shucks!:smile: No problem, glad to be of service, my lady. Hope I helped somewhat!

    By the way, more than half of my handbag deals have come because of you! I should be thanking you! So bagachondriac, THANK YOU!:heart::yes:
  15. He told me that more than once! Actually, I did find that a bit strange but was so trying not to be suspicious. His GF from the very beginning acted as if she hadn't even read anything on the auction page. She asked if it could be returned if she didn't like it when I clearly stated my 'no refund' policy twice. Even though my description included the cost of shipping internationally, she asked what it would cost.:hrmm::hrmm: Repeatedly, I told her that she needed to go back and read thoroughly what I had written to make certain that she understood. Honestly, I didn't know what to make of it but feared the worst! I think we are both right on this one.